I found this in my inbox this week (click on the graphic below)


Thank you, Olive Garden… from pastors who strategically set up meetings in your restaurants “for a limited time.”


Have you heard about youthpastordiet.com?

I posted about my latest crazy idea late last week and the thing has taken off! It is a 90-day challenge to lose weight, and uses the Weight Loss Wars platform to guide the group with leaderboards, profiles and graphs. I’d still like another few people to join us to push the prize purse over $1,000 – right now it sits at $720 for the person who loses the most weight.

I’m fat. Why is that?
The scientific answer is that you eat too many Doritos Tacos at Taco Bell and wash it down with gargantuan handfuls of Cinnamon Twists and Mt. Dew. Actually this is just a guess, but probably not that far off.

I really want to join, but I don’t understand why it costs $30?
The idea is to keep the “not so serious” people out. This is WAR! If you don’t get it, just keep your money and your lovely spare tire.

I am so skinny I don’t need to lose weight. I want to support?
First off, thank God for your rabbit-like metabolism. Even if you are poor the rest of your life (and you will be because of the career you’ve chosen) you have been blessed more than most other humans on this planet. Secondly, cheer people on! Tell your friends, Tweet youthpastordiet.com!

I like being fat. It is part of my youth pastor persona. Do you want me to stop being funny, too?
Good point. Everyone knows fat people are funnier than skinny people and fat youth workers are better youth workers than ones who have a 26.2 sticker on the back window of their car. But I’d imagine you could be the first non-fat-and-super-funny youth worker slash comedian. Go for it.

Cash prize? Isn’t that gambling
If it makes you feel better, I (Josh) will just keep the money if you win. Wouldn’t want you to sin. I grew up in a fundamental Baptist Church, I didn’t know cards or dice existed until I was 32.

I’m not a youth worker, can I still join?
Sure! As long as you have SOME connection to youth ministry – maybe a spouse, family member or you volunteer.

What should I eat for the next 90 days?
Stop eating pretty much everything you want to eat and everything that is typically offered at any youth event or church function. Oh, and start exercising too.

I have a FAQ that isn’t listed here, what do I do?
Leave a comment below, and we’ll try to answer them!


OK … here’s the deal. I need to take my health more seriously! My son (9 years old) recently read a recent guest post on the site called The Youth Pastor Diet and said he wanted to become a youth pastor so he could only eat junk food like dad. After laughing and telling him “no” I realized I need to make a change.

Maybe you do, too: this picture of the Youth Pastor Diet from Group Magazine a few months back isn’t too far off from my actual diet.

So tomorrow that all changes. I picked up the domain name YouthPastorDiet.com and am going to challenge you to a Weight Loss War from December 1, 2012 until the Simply Youth Ministry Conference (March 1, 2013). Lots to play for – here’s the scoop:

  • Become a member on WeightLossWars.com ($10 – goes to them)
  • Join the Youth Pastor Diet Competition ($20 – pooled together for the Top 3 losers)
  • Lose weight! Anything short of medical procedures goes
  • Track your progress weekly on the site
  • Most lbs down wins (there isn’t an option for percentage, sorry)
  • HUGE prize announcements Monday morning

So you basically have to put up $30 to get in – but it could change your life. Who’s in?