I have several task apps on my iPhone and iPad. These GTD or ToDo apps help me accomplish life. I have narrowed my use down to 1.5 of them. OmniFocus and Reminders.

Omnifocus is powerful, if you own the iPad and the Mac version you have an outstanding one two punch. It has a higher price tag but if you are looking for a hard-core GTD app this may be your one stop app.  This is my “.5″ app.  I use it but it is a little more detailed that I am conditioned to use.  If I take “tasks” to the next level this is the app I will leave all others for.  Pricy, but I am glad I own it.

I also have Action Method, Toodledo, and Clear.  While cool, visual pleasing (especially Clear), and easy to use I have abandoned these apps for the one I use nearly everyday…Reminders!  Yes, the Reminders app that is built into my iPhone. If you’re looking for something that gives you a GTD system, or you require separate contexts and areas of responsibility and tagging, your main needs are going to be better served by an app like OmniFocus. I use Reminders because it is super easy on the fly and I am looking for an app to tell me to “buy milk” and “Pay bills.”  I use it to remind me of something on a specific day but I can do that in any calendar app, what I LOVE about it is the location-based reminders. I just click over to Siri and say, “Remind me to buy milk when I leave work.”  Milk is the last thing on my mind at work but when I pull away from the office my iPhone reminds me to “buy milk”…SO COOL!   (Side note: OmniFocus supports location-based reminders and can import all the “Reminders” you have entered).  If you have not tried location-based reminders give it a shot.

What is working for you? What app did I miss? Write a review of it below.


See You in 7

 —  March 30, 2012 — 4 Comments

I close each youth service with the phrase “See you in 7.” It reminds kids that our ministry is here every week for whatever they need and also lets them know I’m inviting, even expecting, them to make church part of their life and routine. Yet it’s also a sometimes-painful reminder to me that another service is right around the corner, no matter how this one turned out.

Creating a compelling youth service or meeting every week can feel weighty. Just as you collapse to recover from one, you have to prepare to do it all again. My team has been discussing a new strategy to get things accomplished with such short turnaround. Our services are on Saturdays and Sundays, so you may have to adjust the days below to fit your program.

“See you in 7″ falls from my smiling mouth to my ringing ears each week. But with the right preparation and goals, it’s an achievable task.

Delegate —What tasks do you need to dole out to ensure success? For that matter, what are you even doing next week? Make sure all the projects, videos, music, humor, and handouts have an owner; then be confident that people will follow through. Ideally, list program elements on a whiteboard so a few volunteers can start moving on their assignments. For me, as the primary communicator, Tuesday is an important day to get a jump-start on message preparation, too.


Do—This is the day to really accomplish things. Shoot the video. Buy prizes. Test out games. Whatever needs to happen for the weekend, do it on Wednesday. As I write this, a student is preparing a testimony to share, a volunteer is editing video, and my sermon draft is halfway complete.

Done—Today it all comes together. The student outline is finished, slides are made, videos are selected, handouts are copied, and anything that was ordered is ready to go. By the end of Thursday, the sermon is largely done and in the hands of a few trusted friends for review.


Dream—You must make space for greatness and creativity, so force yourself to finish things early instead of succumbing to the uncontrollable chaos of last-minute details. That cushion also allows you to work ahead a bit and be intentional about relational ministry.

Originally appeared in the November/December issue of Group Magazine. Don’t get the magazine yet? Hit this link to subscribe and get in on the action today!