I saw this over at Jon Acuff’s new blog.



Acuff sums up his point:

It’s not whether your kids will have a conversation about the world they live in, it’s whether you’ll have a voice in it. 

That’s not what I’d like to ask you, though.

What I’m asking is what’s wrong with this picture.

Obviously, we can see the double-standard between the male/female options.

Again, that’s not what I’m asking.

Plain and simple…


How did we get here?

how did we get here?

Hang on, hang on…

before you reply…

one more clarification…

how did you help us get here?



you probably just got gun shy on the reply.


HSM’s Life Groups are divided by grade, gender and geography – you can read more about that right here. Curious about your situation and was hoping you would vote in today’s poll – are your small groups divided by gender? Vote now.


My wife and I were talking this week about the number of girls in our ministry – we are probably at 60:40 girls to guys right now. Brought up an interesting question for this week’s poll (vote above): what is the gender breakdown of your student ministry?

Maybe an even better question to get you thinking beyond that is this: How do you attract the lagging gender? Any great ideas?