Excited about the Gamerscore carrying over on the new Xbox One but still got plenty of life left in the old Xbox 360 right now, too. Been a while since I did an update with mini-reviews, but since my console Gamerscore crossed 60,000 points it was a good landmark to jump back in:

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (A+): I can’t believe I haven’t played this incredible game yet! I got it for my birthday this past December and am absolutely having a blast with it. SO good!

Angry Birds: Star Wars (A-): Super solid game that has a fun license and a great formula that gets refreshed with some new weapons and locations. Plus I’m a sucker for anything Star Wars, lets be honest.

Angry Birds Trilogy (B+): Not a lot new here except everything looks great on the TV instead of a small touch screen device. Fun to play this game on the console, even if it is a bit dated at this point.

Star Trek (C): This game wasn’t great, but I played it start to finish anyhow. Loved the new movie this summer and enjoyed the game even though the controls were despicable and the graphics were very average.

Bioshock: Infinite (A+): Another incredible game that is simply a must play. Very mature content and at times graphic, it is a wonderful journey through a steampunk flying city with tons of mysteries to solve. Epic game.


This week our Xbox 360 crossed 58,000 in Gamerscore – thanks in part to the next installment of the Halo franchise. Took a break from gaming this week to give you a few quick reviews:

  • Jetpack Joyride (A+): One of the funnest iOS games makes its way to Windows 8 and is incredibly fun on a laptop. Such a great game – play it on whatever platform you can, the game is genius.
  • Halo 4 (A+): This may very well be the best Halo game ever made. As a fan of the franchise since the beginning, it was fun to pick up a copy of the game and play straight through it in 4-player co-op. Incredible cinemas. Epic multiplayer. Unreal graphics. Fun x 1000.
  • LEGO Batman 2 (A-): Another winning installment in the LEGO video game franchise. Such a fun game – my kids ate it up and have already beaten it several times. Super, super fun family game!


Xbox Gamerscore Hits 57,000

 —  September 6, 2012 — 1 Comment

The start of the school year means I’m going to be slowing down playing videogames, but the past week was once again great for Gamerscore, largely in part to one incredible game:

  • Once Upon a Monster (A+) – easily the very best kids game I’ve ever seen. My kids adore this game, it is incredibly creative, uses Kinect and accessible for all ages. Managed to pick it up for <$20, wish I had bought it sooner. Absolutely perfect.
  • Marvel Super Hero Squad (B+) – another kid-friendly game the kids loved. Play as the cutest versions of Hulk and Iron Man that you’ve ever seen.


Ah … summer vacation. Taking a break from work helped my Xbox360 gamerscore to rise north of 56,000 points. The 1,000+ increase over the last update was due to some single-player and family gaming:

  • Captain America: Super Soldier (B) – fun game based on the movie. Kind of repetitive, but enjoyed it.
  • Bodycount (C-) – I wanted to like it, but first-person shooters have to be really good these days to hold me. This one wasn’t.
  • Minecraft (A) – unique, fun, cute, surprising. I can see why this is the biggest indie game of the past couple of years.


It has taken me longer than usual this month … too much real-life/youth ministry getting in the way of my videogaming, but my Xbox360 gamerscore is now up over 55,000 points. The 1,000+ increase over the last update was due to some serious and not-so-serious gaming:

  • 007: Blood Stone (B+) – fun James Bond game, run and gun the whole thing
  • Air Conflicts: Secret Wars (D-) – completely unplayable. Bummed I even paid $16 for it.
  • Kinect Sports: Season 2 (B+) – fun for the whole family, really really fun.
  • Madagascar 3 (C+) – kids loved this one, we never did see the movie!


Took me a couple of months this time – but pumped to have added another 1,000 points to my Xbox360 Gamerscore. Just crossed 54,000 today … beating a few new games in the process:

  1. Rayman Origins (A+) – best sidescrolling/2D game this console generation
  2. How to Train Your Dragon (B-) – kids loved it, but it wasn’t great
  3. Jane’s Advance Strike Fighter (B+) – dropped in price quickly, I love flight simulators that lean arcade
  4. Sonic Generations (B) – better than most Sonics, but still nowhere near as good as the original


I’m headed up the Gamerscore mountain on my Xbox 360 this month – pleased to announce another 1,000 point increase in my Xbox360 Gamerscore. Quick letter-grade reviews of the games conquered to get the achievement increase over the holidays: Halo CE: Anniversary (A), Ace Combat: Assault Horizon (B+) and Joe Danger: Special Edition (B+).


Another 1,000 point increase in my Xbox360 Gamerscore means another blog post documenting the joirney. Here are some super quick letter grade reviews of the games conquered to get the aciehevement increase: Sonic Generations (B), Bulletstorm (B+), Ice Age: Age of the Dinosaur (C+) and Modern Warfare 3 (A+). Solid month of gaming, done in bursts because of the busy fall. Excited about more gaming as we slow down over the holidays!