Everyone is ramped up for school to be back in, rhythms to be brought back…and to implement all that we have planned.  We have new volunteers, new roles for veteran volunteers and we’ve cast out new vision.

All that makes it really easy to forget these things:

  1. The head of your ministry is Jesus. We can’t fall into having a Messiah complex where we think everything falls on us.  We have a role – and it’s important – but we are not the answer.  Jesus is.
  2. Your ministry is a part of something bigger – a church or campus ministry.  We must be aligned with the bigger picture and create windows of connection into that.
  3. People just want to feel like they belong.  Whatever age of people you are focused on, the bottom line is they are looking to belong.  And here’s the thing: belonging doesn’t come through programs or events or good sermon messages.  Belonging only comes through relationships.
  4. Ministry is and should be simple.  I have a friend and in many ways a mentor that often says, “only people count.”  He is right and we cannot forget that.  And, we must realize that “people counting” is different than us counting people.

…To Start Your Christmas Planning!

FYI: The only reason I wrote this post is because I liked the picture so much. (Oh, an ADD writer’s muse!)

Here’s your youth ministry “make it easier on everyone” shopping list:

1) Shop for a Special Events Coordinator for your youth Christmas party. Get it off your holiday plate.

2) Now’s the time to find your ugly Christmas sweater at thrift stores.

3) Cheap fun holiday giveaway items are WAY on sale at orientaltrading.com. Click on the sale tab and then scroll to holidays.

4) In keeping with the picture above, The Simply Truth Bible is 20% off when bought in bulk AND there are 20 free downloadable devo’s. http://bit.ly/157j1W4. Wouldn’t this be a great gift for your leaders?

5) PUT ALL YOUR FALL/CHRISTMAS EVENTS ON THE CHURCH CALENDAR NOW! Trust me on this one; get the fellowship hall reserved before the ladies group. (That wasn’t nice, was it?) (I still mean it.) (I’ll go to Confession later.) (How does that work if I’m not RC?)



Here’s HSM Fall calendar – we handed them out this weekend bundled along with a few promo cards for Pumpkinfest and our weekend services. Our hope is that students will keep the calendar and hand out the cards to their friends and invite them the church.

The calendar is a simple and clear design – we are only doing a few events so the focus is on on-going programs like our weekend services and Life Groups.


Are you ready?

 —  August 31, 2010 — 3 Comments

Tomorrow is Sept 1st and if you’re up-to-date, here’s what you should have already done, copied, distributed and checked off as a fait accompli (means its done).

Today’s To-Do List:

1) Your fall calendar through 12/31/10 is done. Everyone has a copy and its also been posted electronically on FB and the church website.

2) All reservations have been made like if you’re doing a fall retreat or going horseback riding. Whatever – you’ve? called the place and booked your group for the date needed.

3) Your volunteers are a done deal. In fact, you’ve based the number of kids? you can take on the number of volunteers you’ve enlisted to go on the fall trips.

4) Registrations/signups? have begun. You’re so far ahead of me that you’ve already passed out all the forms you need to your parents and you’ve posted signup lists. Even for the Youth Christmas Party on Sunday, 12/19. You’re that gooooood!

5) All church publications have received articles/info with details. I mean bulletin announcements, the newsletter, the little old man who’s doing the church website and the office admin has it ON the church calendar. Smooth. Nice way to beat the women’s group to the fellowship hall.

Gee, what are ya gonna do with yourself now that all of this is done? Oh yeah – hang out with kids and share your love for Jesus. You’re REALLY good.


PS-For those panicking right now, get to work. I’ll give ya a week to catch up.

For those of you saying, “She’s crazy; I’ll get to it later”? Too bad for you and your kids. Bet you’re always running into calendaring snafu’s with the church secretary and why oh why is the church van never available when you need it even tho you asked one whole day ahead of time?