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KreyosI am a big kickstarter and Indiegogo fan, I wrote about them here and here. I missed out on being one of the people to help Pebble raise 10 million for they e-paper watch.  It looks pretty cool and has great functionality but I just say a watch that looks better on indiegogo that has even greater functionality.  if you are a stats person (walking, calories, motion, etc) and are constantly using your phone (texting, music, calls, etc) you should check out the KREYOS watch on Indiegogo!

What’s the big deal?

  • It replaces activity trackers
  • Keep you connected
  • get info without taking your phone out
  • Info will sync with my smartphone and the cloud
  • Voice control
  • It is COOL!

It looks like there are 300 left at $129…if it looks cool and meets your needs you might want to run and grab one before they are all gone!  I saw mine $20 ago…

Would this watch be useful to you?


Thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a quick update on competition so far. So far is has been so fun! Here it is by the numbers:

Off to an incredible start – 72 days to go!


I might not be the best person to take time management advice from – I perpetually run about 15 minutes late to everything. So I don’t have it all together but have found a few ways to squeeze a little extra productivity out of the work week. Here are a few of the ones I like the most:

Get a 10-minute jump start on your day the night before
This one might not be the best one for everyone in case it would upset your restful sleep – but for me I can get a ton of work started if I do a quick check in right before bed. Once the family is set for the night and the house is quiet, I like to steal 10 minutes on webmail to set the day tomorrow. Maybe a quick scan of the calendar, a short reply, or an awareness of tomorrow’s challenges help me prepare mentally for the next day.

Turn off work on your day(s) off
When it is time to be off – be off! I realize that many church cell phones are also your personal phone, but you’ve got to shut them down. If you play hard, it’ll help you focus on work when it is time to work. Religiously take a day off, and make sure you’re really off.

Ditch TV unless you’re exercising or being productive
A great way to make sure you get both exercise and entertainment in during the week is to combine them. If you find yourself killing too much time on the couch, limit the amount of TV you watch by time on the treadmill. You might be surprised by what you could do (start a blog, write a book) if you force yourself to be productive at the same time or drop TV altogether.

Cut the distractions in the office
Turn off your email alerts. Disable Facebook’s constant stream of interruptions. Make sure Twitter isn’t always stealing your focus and concentration. Close your door if you have to. When you give yourself wholly to a task or complete it, reward yourself with a social media break or walk around the church office.

Lump similar tasks together
Let’s say you have to make 5 phone calls, write 15 cards, return 16 emails and work on budgets with multiple people. By putting these tasks into chunks of time you’ll be able to knock them out more quickly. Get in a rhythm, crank out the calls or projects all at once.

How do you squeeze more work into your work week?


Life is hard. Ministry is hard. Balancing ministry and family and school and my own soul is hard. It just is… and it’s so hard, that life has a way of knocking good people out of the game. I’ve been in ministry long enough to have seen first hand the casualties of marriages, careers, families, and personal faith all destroyed by hard stuff and poor choices that followed.

In an effort to not become a casualty of the same statistics, I had to confess this past December that I was becoming a victim of my own bad habits and neglecting the care of me for the care of others. I know this to be theologically and practically wrong, but I still was doing it. First to go was exercise. Then reading. Then sleep. Then eating right. Then…. I started kicking the dog. It was bad.

So I have had to make the following adjustments before my kids call dog protective services on me:

ME TIME IS NOT SELFISH TIME, IT’S NECESSARY TIME. If I don’t take care of my own body and soul, I quickly lose the energy I need to be a decent dog owner. Nevermind the husband I want to be, the father I need to be, and the minister I was called to be. This time is the easiest time for me to give away to other pressures. I’ve had to make strong steps and seek accountability to not let this slide anymore.

I CAN’T BE ACCESSIBLE ALL THE TIME. I’ve had to fight back on the “I’m a youth pastor 24-7″ mindset. I’ve been trying to come home, put down my computer and cell phone, and be fully present to my wife and kids. I’ve had to limit my time on Facebook, Twitter, and even e-mail at work. I’ve had to block out “do not interrupt” time on my calendar where I can get stuff done. Truth is, I’m really not this important and I don’t need to be this accessible. They invented 911 for things that can’t wait. Everything else can.

I CAN’T DO ANYTHING THAT IS NOT MY JOB. It feels super good to be helpful to others. I’m not saying I can’t be a team player. But I am saying, sometimes my life gets too stressful because I take on that which was not mine to do in the first place. I can’t be the 911 dispatcher and I can’t be superman either…

… and when I let these walls down, the first thing that goes is exercise and then it’s only a matter of time before I’m kicking the dog again.

Brian is a youth ministry veteran of 16 years, currently the student ministries pastor at Journey Community Church near San Diego, CA. And he blogs!

POLL DAY question – how many times a week do you exercise?


Weekend Teaching Series: 2020: The Future is Now (week 4 of 6)
Sermon in a Sentence: Our health is critically important for our future – physical health is good, spiritual health is most important.
Service Length: 71 minutes

Understandable Message: This week Phil Chenery jumped in and did the message (our guest speaker canceled) talking about spiritual and physical health. He took it from the perspective of an athlete, and not being super athletic himself he had lots of great bits and humor helping students see the importance of health in the march toward their future.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: The weekend opened up with an OK-go treadmill extravaganza of “Here We Go Again” that was really fun. The band played it live and then we had students do a routine on 4 treadmills on stage. It was super cool, then the treadmills played the part of set design during the talk about health, exercise and spiritual determination. We also had a fun video called “Buffets Gone Wild” and played a couple of the always crowd-pleasing Matt McGill Sports Instructional videos.

Music Playlist: Here We Go Again [OK-go cover], Your name on high, How He Loves, Breathe On Me

Favorite Moment: The OK-go treadmill opener was really, really fun. Took lots of work, but had a fun payoff in the program.

Up Next: 2020 — The Future is Now: week 5 (Doug Fields speaking)