We’re doing a new series in July called Before and After – a 3-week study from the book of Ephesians. For each series I like to do what I call an “arc”- a simple description of where we want to take students and what the messages will be about. Here’s where we’re headed in July!

3-week study through the book of Ephesians

Week 1: The Person I Used to Be (AC)
BEFORE we were broken, sinful and trapped in darkness by Satan. AFTER we have been freed by the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ. This message proclaims the truth that our past is past and our future is with Christ – a celebration of salvation and an invitation to those who have never followed Christ to step across the line today.
Central text: Ephesians 2
Keyword: Savior

Week 2: Above Nothing (Jess)
BEFORE we would live for ourselves and focus everything on us. AFTER we realize that God made us for a mission and we are to love and serve others. Our salvation is not of works, but the saved serve.
Central text: Ephesians 3
Keyword: Servant

Week 3: All Out War (Josh/Parker)
BEFORE we were unaware of the spiritual battle that rages on behind the scenes against us. Christ is our savior and we are His servants – but AFTER we still fight temptation, struggles and problems. Time to do battle by putting on the armor of God!
Central text: Ephesians 6
Keyword: Soldier