If you are looking for some sweet graphics for your upcoming Easter Service check out these links…maybe even share them with your senior pastor for a big church.



Church Media Design


Open Resources

Here’s a link to a Pinterest board put together by Open Resources filled with sermon/media ideas for Easter.

If you are looking for a message for Easter check out the Holiday bundle from LIVE!

If you are looking for a message or some study help for this Easter check out these FREE resources from Youth Ministry 360 and LeaderTreks. In addition to downloading their great freebies, click over to the Simply Youth Ministry store and check out the great resources YM360 and LeaderTreks are creating for youth workers and students.

Simply Youth Ministry’s Easter Media Basket ($9.99):
This bundle includes…

  • 10 Backgrounds (5 for Palm Sunday, 5 for Easter)
  • 2 Motion Backgrounds (1 for Palm Sunday, 1 for Easter)
  • 2 Countdowns (1 for Palm Sunday, 1 for Easter)
  • 2 Editable Postcards (1 for Palm Sunday, 1 for Easter)
  • 2 Editable Posters (1 for Palm Sunday, 1 for Easter)

The Skit Guys Easter Video ($9.99):


The folks over at youthministry360 have just launched another round of free resources, just in time for Easter. They’re giving away three different Easter Bible study lessons, PLUS a set of 10-day Easter devotions for your students. It’s solid stuff that will help your teenagers prepare their hearts and minds for Easter.

Easter is such a powerful time for Christ-followers. These tools will help you lead students to do both reflect on and celebrate Christ’s death and ressurection. To download these free resources, head on over to the ym360 Easter Vault.


Our friends over at ym360 are giving away an awesome free Easter Bible study lesson. The download comes with a Leader’s Guide, PowerPoint, and a Student Guide. Give them some info, and grab the freebie. Nice!


Brilliant new Easter-story as told by social media from Igniter. Awesome. As seen on Youth Ministry Geek, if you want to pick up a copy for services this week or next, you can right here.


WorshipHouse Media

Every series we do our best to take students on a content arc – I call it the series arc of content. You can read some of the previous ones from our Q series, Summer Road Trip and Save the Planet. Here’s the series arc for our next series: The Real Jesus.

Week 1 – Jesus: Life and Ministry
This coming weekend I’ll be sharing some of the misconceptions of Jesus and in particular one of the events from the life of Christ: Jesus and the 10 Lepers. I hope to demonstrate why Jesus came to earth an our response to His mission. The heart of the message is thankfulness, and will include a clear Gospel presentation.

Week 2 – Jesus: His Death
Next week Doug Fields is talking about the last days of Jesus and the importance of those events to humanity past, present and future. If the message ends with a cliffhanger and encourages students to attend Easter weekend for the rest of the story, that would be great.

Week 3 – Jesus: His Resurrection (Easter Sunday)
Easter weekend is one of the 2 times a year we don’t have youth services! Which could be perfect for this series – our series of messages will end with the Pastor Rick adult messages to our whole church. Our hope is everyone worships together in the main services, and that our many non-churched parents would come for the first time as well.


Youth Ministry 360 has a new free Easter lesson available for free this week – if you’ve used any of their stuff before (and be sure to check out their store of great resources as well) you’ll know this is probably a solid lesson for you to use in the season around Easter. Check it out if you’re looking for something for this season!