Fun video from this weekend promoting the upcoming Killball tournament. The last one of the year for our seniors (my team) – lots of pressure to win the whole thing!


It is impossible for me to be more disappointed in the school system in New Hampshire. Bummer.


Chris Freeman sent this great story along to the blog today … worth the read:

A few weeks ago one of our former high school students named Hunter was hit by a car as he was walking on his college campus.  He was immediately flighted to a hospital in town and has been in the ICU ever since.  He’s slowly starting to show some signs of recovery, but he’s nowhere out of the clear yet.  Our entire church community has been covering him in prayer like crazy.  His mom started a Facebook page called “Pray for Hunter,” and she posts updates on it daily.  The community has really rallied around Hunter, and people are praying for him all over the country now.  A group of high school and college students ordered hundreds of “Pray For Hunter” wristbands, and everywhere I go I see people wearing them.  Groups have been meeting up at local high schools to pray for him.  People have been meeting at our church to pray for him.  Business owners in our community are wearing the bracelets and praying for him too.

But it doesn’t stop there.  That same group of students who made the “Pray for Hunter” bracelets decided they wanted to do something to help.  You see, Hunter has always been an extremely active and athletic guy.  He loves playing soccer, snowboarding, and all sorts of other athletic endeavors.  But the doctors aren’t sure if Hunter will be able to walk or regain use of his legs again.  So these high school students decided the best thing they could do in Hunter’s honor is put together a dodgeball tournament to raise funds for his recovery.  They are calling it “Play for Hunter.”  It’s $30 for a team of six to play, and it looks like we are going to have several hundred people playing.

I went to see Hunter in the hospital the other day.  It’s really difficult to see him like this.  But he’s able to whisper short sentences and move his arms around.  When I talked to him about the dodge ball tournament, he lit up.  He was slowly pumping his fist in the air, and he was able to utter the words, “I love you guys.”  It’s pretty incredible how such a simple thing like a dodgeball tournament can make such a difference.  I walked away realizing that sometimes dodgeball is more than dodgeball.  It reminded me that as youth workers, nothing we do is insignificant.  God is using it all, even dodgeball, to show his love, mercy, and grace to young people.

Thanks for reading this and for saying a prayer for Hunter tonight.

Killball Spoken Word

 —  April 25, 2012 — 2 Comments

Funny parody video of the recent spoken word craze to promote … killball!


Fun video my friend Rob shot over today. Since the blog is more than dodgeball …

During a dodgeball tournament in Bondurant Iowa, one of the games was won with an amazing catch. The catch she makes surprised her more than the guy who threw the ball. It took a few seconds for her to realize what happened.


Weekend Teaching Series: How to Raise Your Parents (series premiere, week 1 of 3)

Sermon in a Sentence: Your relationship with your parents is up to you.
Service Length: 69 minutes

Understandable Message: This week Doug Fields taught students from God’s Word about their relationship with their parents. He did a great job helping students understand that they control much of their relationship with their parents – if they respected and honored their parents, it would take them far. His usual mix of rumor and truth was super.

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: This weekend we had some more fun with HSM Talks, and Chris did a really creative announcement that was part live and part video – a dream about going to HSM Summer Camp. Simple, clean and solid weekend.

Music Playlist: Go, Divine and Holy, Revelation Song, Hosanna

Favorite Moment: My favorite moment was that during each service our junior high services dismissed the 8th graders out for a little root-beer-float-HSM-summer camp promo time. We had a couple students share about their camp experience, and had a raffle for a free camp registration. Super fun relational time with the soon to be freshman.

Up Next: How to Raise Your Parents (week 3 of 3, parent panel and series finale)

The Killball Cup deserves it’s own promo video. The last dodgeball event of the year. Of course, this video from some local HS students still takes the top honors for Best. Dodgeball. Video. Ever.


New killball tournament this weekend – and some special rules this week. Get lots of details (forms, rosters, rules and more) on Taffy’s blog Rice and Worship.