youthpastordiet was a random idea I had one Thursday night and 2 weeks later almost 75 youth workers jumped onboard to host a friendly 90-day competition to help youth workers get in shape. We lost like 1 kajillion (that’s kajillion with a “k”) pounds and many have asked when we’re going to do it again. Well … here we go! Want to get in on Season 2? It starts on Monday! Here’s the gist:

  • no cost to enter! UPDATE: the Weight Loss Wars site I’m using to host the contest costs $10 to use if this is your 1st time using their site
  • weight loss is based on percentage lost
  • 90 day weight loss window, April 1 – July 1
  • prizes for the Top 10 place finishers
  • Top 3 are going to be worth playing for, I promise!

Want in on Round 2? is the place to register NOW!


Pretty excited to hear about the launch of the new UNfiltered Magazine from Simply Youth Ministry earlier today. It is a new digital-only magazine dedicated to help youth workers thrive in life outside of the church.

Real stories by real youth workers on topics like your heart, family, health and fitness (which is a central part of the inaugural issue – shameless plug for, money and more.

Looks so cool – check it out!


Quick poll question today about youth workers and weight. Obviously inspired by – which by the way has just announced some amazing prizes if you want to get in and sign up today. Be sure to vote in today’s poll either way!

Each receive a portion of the $1,000+ cash prize
NOTE: this is done through Weight Loss Wars at the end of the competition!


25lbs. of Resources + ALL Live Curriculum lines + registration for SYMC 2014
+ dinner with Josh Griffin & SYM peeps at the conference


25lbs. of resources + ALL Live Curriculum lines


25lbs. of resources

Will also get a special prize at the end of the competition as well!


OK … here’s the deal. I need to take my health more seriously! My son (9 years old) recently read a recent guest post on the site called The Youth Pastor Diet and said he wanted to become a youth pastor so he could only eat junk food like dad. After laughing and telling him “no” I realized I need to make a change.

Maybe you do, too: this picture of the Youth Pastor Diet from Group Magazine a few months back isn’t too far off from my actual diet.

So tomorrow that all changes. I picked up the domain name and am going to challenge you to a Weight Loss War from December 1, 2012 until the Simply Youth Ministry Conference (March 1, 2013). Lots to play for – here’s the scoop:

  • Become a member on ($10 – goes to them)
  • Join the Youth Pastor Diet Competition ($20 – pooled together for the Top 3 losers)
  • Lose weight! Anything short of medical procedures goes
  • Track your progress weekly on the site
  • Most lbs down wins (there isn’t an option for percentage, sorry)
  • HUGE prize announcements Monday morning

So you basically have to put up $30 to get in – but it could change your life. Who’s in?