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The David Crowder*Band delivered their final album more than a year ago – has it been that long already? They had 6 albums in total with like 12 kajillion songs sold. They’ve played every youth conference I know and are a staple in practically every youth room across the country. I’ve had the privilege of working a few events with Crowder and speaking at his Fantastical Conference in Austin a few years back, too. So fun!

Their latest album is the celebration of the past and a glimpse of the future. Crowder is going on a club tour this Spring and his first solo project is due this fall. Until then, we’ve got the All This For a King: The Essential Collection hitting iTunes the end of this month.

Let’s get the basics out of the way first – the album has all of the big hits you would expect. Even then I did find a new gem here and there I must have missed along the way. But the real wins come later in the album, with great remixes and an entirely new song from Crowder. Here’s some quick hits on the highlights for me:

SMS (Shine) – Big-time fans will be disappointing in me (sorry), but I’m not sure how I missed this song when it originally came out! Great message. Powerful.

Shine Your light so I can see You
Pull me up, I need to be near You
Hold me, I need to feel loved
Can You overcome this heart that’s overcome?

Shadows (Family Force 5 Phenomenon Remix) – Fun remix of a DCB classic. Hold your own dance party with it right now. Got some fun dubstep in it that will please the ears. The perfect track for this year’s summer camp highlight video.

After All (Holy) (Capital Kings Remix) – One of the band’s biggest hits – it was fun to see it completely remixed and still retaining the cheerful fun of the original. Absolutely loved this song!

This I Know – the only completely new track on the album and it is pure gold. Fun, folksy and completely singable. The good news is that the solo project expected from Crowder this fall is in good hands. It is different from the classic DCB but he already feels comfortable and This I Know became my favorite track after listening through the whole album a couple times.

All in all it remains the best collection of music from one of my favorite Christian bands of all time, a great set of remixes celebrating familiar tunes and a fun sneak peak at the Crowder of the future – and that’s a future I’m now very excited about. Click here to check out (or preorder) David Crowder Band’s All This for a King: The Essentials Collection today!


I love Christmas music – I can’t get enough of it! Well … I actually have a TON of it right now, thanks to EMI supplying me with a huge stack of holiday music for me to enjoy.

Want to get your own stack of Christmas tunes? Enter any comment on this blog post and at the end of the day a few lucky winners will have EMI send you a few Christmas CD’s for your own super pack of Christmas music – including the new Mandisa Christmas album:

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  • Hillsong – Born is the King
  • Matthew West – The Heart of Christmas
  • Josh Wilson – Noel
  • Kari Jobe – Where I Find You

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