Just finished up reading Dan Merchant’s 2008 book Lord, Save Us from Your Followers. I never saw the documentary that inspired the book – but thoroughly enjoyed the book. Basically it is the real-life story of one man who wore a controversial bumper sticker jumpsuit to stir up some great conversations among mainstream America. He talked to real people, and some of their reactions and his observations are really inspiring or convicting. Without a doubt Dan is striving for the clearest picture of what Jesus intended His followers to live, but is especially frustrated at how we (himself included) have managed to mess it all up. At times controversial, usually funny and without a doubt thought-provoking – especially one of the chapters near the end with a confessional booth at a gay PRIDE event where [twist!] Dan confessed his sins against homosexuals and asked for forgiveness. Wow.

The book has a couple of interviews which unfortunately broke up the flow of the book and a filler chapter detailing each of the bumper stickers on his original outfit, but all in all it is a good book to get you thinking. It sure did that for me!