Every series we take students through has an “arc” or a journey from point A to point B we want them to grow in. Here’s the series arc, as I call it, for our 40 days church-wide campaign called You Are Here. We took the adult curriculum, What On Earth Am I Here For and made it more student-friendly:

January 19/20 = You Are Here (week 1)
You matter To God! At some point of everyone’s life there are questions of ones purpose, meaning and importance in one’s life. Trust me, you are not alone. When we have those feelings they are just a lie the enemy feeds us, but the good news is that we matter to God. This week we will be looking at what exactly this means and how it applies to our lives.

January 26/27 = You Are Here (week 2)
When we think of music, our minds immediately go to music. That is only part true. Worship is something way more than singing songs; it is a life style and has way more importance in our lives than just singing. Worship is about surrendering, but surrendering to God is not about loosing, it’s about gaining. This week we will take a deeper look into what worship looks like.

February 2/3 = Worship Together Weekend (week 3)
This week at Worship Together Weekend we will continue our You Are Here series up in the Worship Center as a whole church family talking about fellowship. Being in Christian community is one of the keys to living a life for Jesus. It allows us to share our lives, experiences, services and suffering together as one body. There is nothing like being able to do life with people who love you and love God. How cool is it we’ll be all together for this weekend, too?

February 9/10 = You Are Here (week 4)
God doesn’t want us to just know Jesus Christ, he wants us to become like Jesus Christ. This has been God’s plan for us since the very beginning. How do we do that? We become disciples. Not only do we become disciples but a good disciple makes more disciples. We will be looking at how we can become better disciples of Christ and how God uses our life circumstances to become even more trusting in Him.

February 16/17 = You Are Here (week 5)
Everyone is called to do ministry, whether you know it or not. There is no such thing as a non-serving Christian. What matters in life is not how long you live but how you live your life. We want to help you find your SHAPE in how you can serve God and serve others while we are here on this earth.

February 23/24 = You Are Here (week 6)
We are supposed to tell others about Jesus and the hope that He brings them. But why this is such an important aspect in our walk with God? How do you do that without being “that guy” or “that girl”? It is our calling and responsibility to share Jesus and this week will be learning on how to effectively do so.



Weekend Teaching Series: You Are Here (What on Earth Am I Here For? church-wide campaign, series premiere, week 1 of 6)
Service Length:
68 minutes

Understandable Message: You are not an accident! This weekend we kicked of Saddleback’s latest 40 Days campaign, What On Earth Am I Here For? We called it You Are Here and the first week was an overview of that focused on God having a purpose for your life and a specific calling on what He wants you to accomplish. My hope was that students walked away with a basic understanding of Psalm 139 and Ephesians 2. Students seemed to respond well to the talk, excited for what is ahead in the series!

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: This week we did “App Showdown” and had contestants go head-to-head to last the longest on the just-released Temple Run 2. It was a hit, although we stumbled with some technical difficulties for some reason all weekend as well. We also introduced our new intern Daniela, who did a fun bilingual bit on stage as well.

Music Playlist: Hall of Fame (The Script cover), He Is Alive, Here For You, 10,000 Reasons, Overcame

Favorite Moment: I loved a video from Right Now Ministries that Justin found that we dropped into the talk. It really helped students get the concept of turning their life from about them to about God, and asked a great question about what they would be willing to trade from the American Dream for God’s Plan in their life. I’ll post it later this week- good stuff!

Up next: You Are Here (week 2 of 6)

Here’s the bumper video created for our You Are Here series – the student version of the What On Earth Am I Here For church-wide campaign.