Our friends at youthministry360 and I wanted to do something special for all of the More Than Dodgeball Community. So, ym360 has created these awesome Christmas Devotions For Youth Workers, and wanted to release them here first!

The best part? They’re totally FREE! These devotions feature 7 days worth of daily content. Each day focuses on one of the main characters from the Christmas Story. Each character has a key attribute or characteristic that comes from the text. And each day, you’ll be challenged to consider how you might apply this characteristic in you life, and in the lives of your students as you lead them closer to Christ.

It’s just a simple way for youthministry360 and us to say, “Thanks”! We’re in awe of the amazing work you do in teenagers’ lives.

To download your FREE Christmas Devotions, click on this link.

(If you have any trouble at all with your download, the folks over at youthministry360 are available to help, anytime. Simply email them at info@youthministry360.com and they’ll be more than happy to help out.)