One of our long-time HSM volunteers (like 15 years long) Dennis Beckner recently took a big step of faith to start his own T-shirt company to help youth groups print their own shirts. He started Mission Shirts and has been doing really well so far – we just recently started using him as well and I told him if we had a good experience I would make sure to mention him here on the blog (hhaha, no pressure there, right?).

He delivered so here’s my recommendation to you: when you print up shirts, I think he can come up with a good deal for your ministry. He also donates some of the proceeds of each order to sending students on mission trips, which is super cool. I asked him to give MTDB a special deal so he’ll throw in a free 1-color decal with every T-shirt you order. I love the decals – they look great on my office window, the back of the car, notebooks, etc. You can email Dennis to talk through what you’re looking for right away.

Note: This offer is exclusive to readers so it is not available on Mission Shirts’ website. Email Mission Shirts to get started!