Here’s a little highlight video our team put together to celebrate this year’s crew and to give us something to help us promote next year’s Spring Break serve trip. It was a great experience, and we loved partnering with Christ in Youth (CIY) for the 2nd year in a row. Good stuff!


Here’s a highlight video one of our students created from footage he shot at last year’s Spring Break serve project. We started promoting it this weekend – excited to partner with CIY (Christ in Youth) again this year in serving our community!


This summer of ministry has been incredible! There have been some incredible highs and some … great learnings for us as well. So picking a few favorite moments has been incredibly difficult but thought I would take a crack at it. Here are a few of my top moments in ministry this past summer:

Having Pastor Rick at Midweek
Midweek for the past 3 years has worked incredibly well for us. In the summer we pause small groups to let host homes and leaders recover before they re-up for the next season. In place of Life Groups we run a 7-8 week summer series called Midweek. This year we had Rick Warren come and teach one of the nights – it was incredibly fun and powerful way to start the summer. My favorite moment that night was gathering around him and laying hands on him as a student ministry and praying for God to bless him, to give him wise leadership and to grow his faith.

HSM Summer Camp
The gang over at Christ in Youth (aka CIY) did an amazing helping us pull off our Summer Camp this year. I love the environment of camp, the energy, the passion, the decisions, the baptisms. Summer Camp works SO well for us – it is a huge platform for our leaders to relationally minister to students, it forms new small groups, it connects incoming freshman. Simply incredible all the way around.

Guys Trip
We brought back this event from forever ago called Guys Trip – we took a smaller group of students up into the mountains for some total dude time. I wrote quite a bit about it here, but in general terms it was one of the most original and fun couple of days all summer. There’s something special about getting away with the guys and no distractions (read: cell phones and girls).

Working with Summer Interns
I love summer interns! This year we had 5 of the most incredible interns that made me smile all summer long. They are great youth workers, awesome friends and worked incredibly hard. I think learned a TON this summer, I certainly learned from them as well.

How about you – what were your highlights of summer 2012?


The Amp Up Song

Josh Griffin —  August 1, 2012 — Leave a comment

If you remember the Interlude from SYMC, you’ll love the fun dance called the Amp Up song. I think this video I found captures the energy and fun of it!


This week at Summer Camp we were introduced to the incredibly talented Krispy Kreme and Money Maker Mike. Genius.


Quite possibly the best day of camp ever – I LOVE baptisms so much! One more day to go – last night at camp right now!


So stinkin’ fun!


Thought this note I wrote to our high school team might be a good read and/or something you would want to copy/edit/make better for your own summer camp adventures, too!

Just wanted to shared a few words with you tonight on HSM Summer Camp Eve! Tomorrow we’re going to take close to 750 people on a 5-day journey where along the way God will chang lives forever. We are going to witness this up close and personal. What a journey to this point: so much heart, so much hard work. So many God moments. So many students!

This week we get the priviledge to be a part of something where:

… will trust Christ for the 1st time
… laugh, play and love
… will be baptized to show their faith
… will be insipred to serve the community and reach their friends
… will grow in their faith
… deal with the darkness of their heart/life/experiences
… freshman get their initiation of HSM
… graduates who get their last hurrah
… all who will be challenged in so many ways
… find a calling to full-time ministry

… will be stretched and challenged beyond themselves
… took time off from work to serve the church
… hearts will grow immensely
… maybe discover a life-long call to youth ministry

Our team
… will be challenged to capacity
… will make memories that will last forever
… get to have a front row seat to God showing up big

You are incredible. This week is going to be life-changing. For you. For all of us.

Here we go! JG