Doesn’t matter if my small group is 6 in the morning or 6 at night, when I’m leaving I’m feeling empowered and refreshed.  Doesn’t matter if a meeting is 6 in the morning or 6 at night, when I’m leaving I can feel drained and stressed.  When you think about it, small groups are a lot like a meeting in the sense that:

  • It’s A Group Of People 
  • There Is A Leader 
  • There Is A Subject Driving The Conversation

So, why is one resented and the other embraced?

The intention of going into a small group is to build one another up.  In a meeting while there are goals to accomplish, they can easily become battlefields that tear one another down.  While confrontation and tension can be healthy, if your meetings took a page out of the small group handbook, people could leave a little more refreshed than defeated.

To make your meeting like a small group, make sure you:

  • PRAY TOGETHER: You probably start a meeting out with prayer; however, do not rush through it.  Feel free to sit in the silence, to ask God to send down the Spirit through the conversations.  Ask God to open hearts and minds to new ideas.  Just hand it over to Him, let God lead your meetings.
  • SHARE LIFE TOGETHER:  Just as you use the scripture, questions and teaching to drive your groups conversation, develop an agenda that does the same.  When you put together the small group curriculum it’s important to consider the flow of questions and scripture.  It will create a mood and bring people to certain conclusions.  The topics on your meeting’s agenda will do the same.  There will be times when you will have to hold off on a topic because of the tension in the room.  There will be other times when another item will need more attention because of the weight it holds.  Don’t just throw the agenda together, pray over it and allow it to move the conversation.
  • CHALLENGE EACH OTHER:A healthy small group not only has time for information and discussion; but, time for application and challenge.  In a meeting the application to the information you discussed is called an action step.  When you leave a small group you should feel commissioned to resolve and test the conversation you shared.  In a meeting it’s pointless to just discuss items and not walk away with a plan.
  • PRAY FOR ONE ANOTHER: Whether the conversation is positive or negative you’ve just endured spiritual battle in your small group.  Before you head off in the world it’s important for a small group to pray for one another.  In a meeting the action steps that have been delegated are going to face adversity and obstacles.  If you can pray for the people in your meeting, then you are giving them the comfort that they are not facing their responsibilities alone.

Granted not all meetings are as thorough as a small group.  Sometimes you just need to check-in and move out.  Next time you are planning that big meeting and preparing the agenda, take the time to discern the emotional and spiritual journey it will take the group on.  If you approach that meeting like a small group, you’ll help your team leave empowered to take on the obstacles outside the organization instead of defeated to take on the obstacles within the team.

How do you ensure people leave meetings feeling motivated?

Chris Wesley (@chrisrwesley)


What we’re playin’ this week is a game called, “One Arm, Two Arm, None.” This is one of our group’s favorite games…mine too due to the super easy setup, the amount of fun in the room, and the interaction it encourages.

One Arm, Two Arm, None is an elimination game that starts with the entire group and ends up with one winner. The game randomly choses a character with either one arm up, two arms up, or no arms up. the people in your group who match the image are out.  This means you have a 66% change of staying in the game.  You can switch the rules and say you have to match the image to stay in, this make it a little tougher.  The cool thing about playing it the second way is that the person who wins would have guessed right 100% of the time.  Check out this video of the game below, and head over to to read this suggested rules and pick up your copy of  ”One Arm, Two Arm, None” before your next gathering.

What we’re playin’ this week is something form The Challenge! For under $20 this is a great game pack, quick, easy setup, easy to understand and play. I really like all the games in the Simply store but but I was surprised at how awesome The Challenge is…this may be my favorite Simply game pack!

The Challenge is described as, “20 video-based contests that will engage and entertain your students. The concept is simple: Your group will watch the premise and setup for each game and guess the outcome or results—and then watch it all unfold!”

Tonight, in addition to adding to our atmospher of fun, this game will help us collect better attendance.  We will put together a simple registration card (Name, Grade, Address, Phone) with a blank box where our students can place their guess of the outcome.  We will give away one prize for the closest answer, we will collect the cards and randomly draw one for another prize. If you don’t have some junk in your office to give away go to a dollar store and spend $20 on some fun, cheap prizes.
Click on this link for 10% off and search the Simply Store for The Challenge, you will not regret this purchase.  Check out the videos below to see a challenge in action.