Camp_RulesWhat’s the best way to communicate the rules at camp?

You know… “the rules.”

We’ve all been sharing these rules for years:

  • “Boys are blue. Girls are pink. Don’t make purple.”
  • “Respect the facility.”
  • “Clean up after yourself.”
  • “Blah blah blah blah…”

It’s hard to capture it all in a way that students will remember. Maybe Matt McGill is on to something:

Then again, I wouldn’t go this far nor want our youth leaders to go shirtless to make a point. It’s memorable… but is it beneficial?

Feel free to argue over that. Again, that video stands out for a reason.

The real question? What’s the best way to communicate the rules at camp?

We’ve covered this on the blog before.

Now it’s your turn – any opinions, thoughts or examples?

And for that matter – what are the more important camp rules, anyway?

I’m a huge Matt McGill fan (tell me you subscribe to his youth ministry blog) – and today I discovered another timeless video of him giving the camp rules that you have to see. There’s simply nothing like this guy. Genius.