An epic series video from HSM to open up our 11 vs. the World series on the disciples. Probably my favorite one so far!


We’re starting a new series in HSM this coming weekend – I’m teaching both weeks of it to help get to know the freshman and since I’ll be gone a lot this summer (Summer Camp, vacation, mission trip to Costa Rica, preview trip to St. Kitts, time off) so I want to make sure I teach up front I can. Here’s the idea behind the 2 weeks of 11 vs. The World:

11 vs. The World
The series idea came from the USA Women’s World Cup team tagline. I loved it, and when I heard of it I immediately thought about the disciples and how they fought against impossible odds to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to the known world. Boom, a series was born.

Week 1 – What Was Your Name Again?
Who were the 12 disciples? We’ll go through each of them by name and look at how God used a motley crew of ordinary people to do something extraordinary. How God is calling each of us to be the light of the world.

Week 2 – Against All Odds
How was it possible that 11 people could change the world? The message of Christ spread to the corners of the known world in an extremely short amount of time – find out how persecution unlocked the passion of the disciples to spread the message of Christ. Find out your place in God’s story as a modern-day disciple and be challenged to continue this epic calling.