Book Review: The 52 Series

Josh Griffin —  February 5, 2013 — 1 Comment


Got a copy of Gregg Farah’s new book 52 Ways to Grow Your Faith recently and wanted to make sure I mentioned it here on the blog. I was a part of his indegogo campaign to help fund it get published and am so excited it is finally here! Gregg does a great job of creating a simple, weekly devotional tool for you to use in a small group meeting or on your own.

Each chapter includes:

  • Spiritual growth idea and explanation
  • Key verse
  • Devotion
  • Key Quote
  • Try It (application)
  • I Tried It! (real people, real stories)
  • Prayer (for you to finish)

It is pretty accessible at the student level (in a discipleship booth, or handed out by small group leaders) but could be used for different ages as well. Proud of Gregg, love this resource. Pick up 52 Ways to Grow Your Faith on Amazon today!