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A Small Church’s Super Bowl Party

 —  January 30, 2014 — 2 Comments

Yeah, maybe I should have written this sooner, but really – would you have remembered it? So, if you’re a small church youth ministry planning a soiree around the big game Sunday night, here are some tips for a successful event. That is, if success means: students brought friends, relationships were strengthened, everyone had fun, and Jesus was the quarterback of it all. Can’t imagine what success would look like otherwise, but to each youth group its own.

TIMING: Don’t start too early. Kids can quickly get bored with the game, especially if they’ve been hanging around for a few hours before kickoff. If kickoff is at 6:30pmE, then make the party start time at 6:00. Its enough time to get the kids in, food situated, etc.

FOOD: if its strictly youth party, don’t get fancy. Stay away from Pinterest ideas! Cheese and pepperoni pizza is enough. Kids can bring soda and munchie bags. Don’t open too many of the bags, though, because there will be leftovers. Do you really want 6 open bags of Cheetos? Who knows where their hands have been? To make it more “super bowl-ish” I pop for the themed tablecloth and napkins. Gives it a festive touch without going crazy. (This will leave you snacks for your upcoming Valentine’s event. Put it all in a different serving bowl and you’ll look like a generous hero.)

HALF-TIME: In case you didn’t know, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruno are the entertainment. So, based on that – you can all watch it together OR use that for your devo time. The Skit Guys have put out some great half time stuff. Whatever you choose, make sure everyone knows half-time is spent together. Give away prizes and do a secret ballot for their fave commercial. Those that picked the winning fave get a (youth) team signed football.

HAVING ALTERNATIVES: Have the game on in the main room, but have board games set up somewhere else and maybe even a movie in yet a third spot. Kids will get bored, especially the middle schoolers – so if you don’t want them to leave early, be prepared. You might set a “don’t get picked up before” time. I’ve had a few youth Superbowl parties over the past 20 years where the kids were all gone by the 3rd quarter.

OK, plane’s starting to land so I gotta go. Any other ideas anyone?


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Stephanie Caro

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Stephanie Caro has been involved in ministry to youth and youth workers in the local church since…well, a long time – 30+ years. Her humorous, straightforward style keeps her busy presenting and coaching at conferences, training events, camps, mission trips, retreats, churches, etc. Her latest books are, “Thriving Youth Ministry in Smaller Churches” and “99 Thoughts for the Smaller Church Youth Worker,” published by Group/Simply Youth Ministry. Stephanie is a contributing author to several youth ministry resources in addition to her regular column “Smaller Church Youth Ministry” in Group Magazine. Stephanie is Senior Consultant for Mark DeVries’ Ministry Architects and the director for their Small Church Ministry Architects division. She and her hubby, Steve, live in Houston, TX. All 7 kids are grown and out – praise God!

2 responses to A Small Church’s Super Bowl Party

  1. For me, the Halftime is the best part and I have Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson to thank. Ever since the Wardrobe Malfunction happened, we’ve done our own show. We turn off the TVs, play some mixers, a messy game, give away some prizes (we have 1 big prize every year – this year Beats headphones) and have a few students share about Christ. It’s a great time and a great way to share to non-believers what it means to have Christ in your life. Halftime is my most favorite part by far!

  2. We also have made halftime our primary ministry time at our Middle School Super Bowl Annual Party! The students know and most look forward to the video that we show instead. This year we showed and “I Am Second” video featuring several of the Robertson clan of Duck Dynasty fame. Although it was a longer video than we usually show (24 minutes) the students were locked on the entire time and several commented on how much they liked the video! And, despite the blowout, we actually had students that were actually watching the game!!

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