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“Wait, You are Going on a Mission Trip to Cuba?”

Amber Cassady —  December 18, 2013 — Leave a comment

“You are going on a mission trip to Cuba?! I didn’t even know you could go to Cuba!”

This is the exclamation, Patty Smith, Cuba Lifetree Adventure leader, usually gets when she tells people that she is going to serve in Cuba. Her response is a joyful, “Yes! Yes, I am, and so can you!”
While there are often negative connotations that come along with the reputation of Cuba’s safety, this is truly a misconception. It is not too dangerous or unrealistic to go to Cuba at all. “You get wrapped up in the history of an amazing place,” says Patty, “and are surrounded by God’s amazing grace as you serve.” Patty has led 2 Lifetree Adventures to Cuba where people are in desperate need to have physical and spiritual needs met.
Patty has seen, on numerous occasions, their work in Cuba not only transform the lives of people there but their own lives as well through building relationships. “It’s about getting to know the Cuban people and how we can best serve them,” says Patty.
One such transformative friendship was between Patty and a woman named Leslie who worked at a Cuban seminary that they were renovating. Leslie served as a reminder for Patty that no matter how many things were cleaned or built, that nothing was quite as important as taking the time to listen and share with people. She and Leslie would talk every day on the trip about life, ministry, faith and common struggles.
Patty_cubanfriendThey quickly began to realize that God had put them together not only for the purpose of service, but to grow a friendship and grow them as women in Christ. The women exchanged a necklace and a bracelet to remember each other and how they are still connected, thousands of miles apart, as the Body of Christ.
What happened between the women in Cuba did not stop there. Their relationship continues as they correspond through emails, encouraging and praying for one another.
You too, can build lasting relationships like Leslie and Patty’s while serving Cuba, or another Lifetree Adventure destination country, in 2014!

Call Robin at 800-747-2157 or visit LifetreeAdventures.com for more information!

Thanks for loving people all over the world!



Amber Cassady

Amber Cassady


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