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Rejoining the Ranks of the Clean Shaven

Amber Cassady —  December 2, 2013 — 1 Comment

Hairy Isn’t Scary Campaign COMPLETE!

I can’t believe that December is already here. I am kind of sad about it. Each and every one of you crazy beard-growing people made this a No-shave November to remember.

You persevered in spite of your spouse’s opposition…

brought back the 90′s…



became superheroes…



 took on new personas…



created games with your students…

No Shave November Week 3


impersonated the guys from Duck Dynasty…



and put mustaches on babies!

Week 2 No Shave November


We were so impressed with the awesome beards and creative ideas that came pouring in. Everyone that participated for the entire 4 weeks and sent us the required photo evidence, will be receiving $100 to the ultimate youth resource store, Simply Youth Ministry, as a giant “Thank You” for participating in our favorite campaign yet. Be sure to check out the final two weeks of photos at https://www.facebook.com/SimplyYouthMinistry

We hope that you carry on beard-warriors! Thanks for proving that Hairy Isn’t Scary,

The SYM Team


Tips for Rejoining the Ranks of the Clean Shaven:

We are now at the end of what has been an awesome No-shave November and Hairy Isn’t Scary Campaign here at Simply Youth Ministry. As we close out the month, we want to remind you of a couple things IF you choose to rejoin the ranks of the clean shaven:

1. Make sure you take lots of pictures of yourself as you shave. You know pictures of you with mutton chops, long side burns, goatee, fu manchu, soul patch, Ron Swanson mustache, or any type of facial hair that will increase your overall awesomeness. Make sure to tag all of your pictures with #ymnation so you can share them with everyone participating in the contest.

2. We also wanted to give you a couple of things to keep in mind if and when you do decide to shave your face. After a month, your face loves having a beard, so it won’t be too happy when you put a razor to it. You should probably invest in a good amount of aftershave or aloe and a sharp razor to keep the burn to a minimum. I’ve also heard that rubbing an avocado directly on your face works wonders too. You could also go to a barber shop and get a shave/hot towel treatment. I have no idea if that will help or not, but how awesome would that be?!?

**Disclaimer: I am totally making stuff up about what you need to do when you shave your face. I have no idea if you will get mad razor burn or anything like that.  I haven’t been clean shaven since 2006 (do the math, people), so I am totally shooting in the dark here.

What was the most fun part of No Shave November? What sweet ways did you cut your beard when you shaved it off? What were some things you did to help avoid razor burn when you finally did shave?

*Share your story in the comments below.*

 ben_beard - Ben “The Beard” Halsch

Amber Cassady

Amber Cassady


One response to Rejoining the Ranks of the Clean Shaven

  1. So sad to see this is over. :( but had a blast!!! We need more contests to show our creative, silly sides. :)

    Thanks again all of you wonderful people!

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