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FREEBIE: “How to Grow Facial Hair in 5 Minutes” Icebreaker!

Amber Cassady —  December 5, 2013 — 8 Comments

It’s FREEBIE Time Insiders!

No Shave November Week 3

Our friend, Jeremy Houf, participated in our recent Hairy Isn’t Scary Campaign. In the spirit of No-shave November and his own beard growing, he decided to make a night themed around facial hair in his youth ministry (see above photo)!

And because Jeremy is extra-awesome, he gave us his How to Grow Facial Hair in 5 Minutes Icebreaker that he used to get their beard theme night going. The Icebreaker will not only get your students to know one another, but it will create some fun memories and pictures of “bearded” or “mustached” teenagers.

Download the game here or by clicking the image below, and use it to get your students having a blast at your next youth gathering:






Amber Cassady

Amber Cassady


8 responses to FREEBIE: “How to Grow Facial Hair in 5 Minutes” Icebreaker!

  1. Maybe I have something wrong on my end, but I cannot open the zip archive…
    Is anyone else having this issue?
    Thanks, Doug

  2. Cannot open the zip archive.

  3. I can’t open it either

  4. Amber Cassady

    Hey everyone, I apologize for any difficulties you are having. Here are some solutions for those of you having issues:

    1. Clear cache and your cookies
    2. Restart web browser
    3. Re-download the file
    4. After those steps, if you still have trouble please email me at acassady@group.com and I will help you out.

    Here is a link to a article about trouble opening zip files that may help as well: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fileextensions/f/zip-file.htm

    Thanks all!

  5. Amber Cassady

    Also, make sure you are trying to download on a computer and not a phone!

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