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30-Hour Famine LIVE Curriculum

 —  April 17, 2014 — 1 Comment

Simply Youth Ministry teamed up with World Vision to create a 4-week LIVE Curriculum that can be downloaded for FREE by registered 30 Hour Famine participants and used by leaders as they prepare students for the event.

If you are unfamiliar with World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine, I recommend you check out this incredible opportunity to help your students grow in their faith and care about providing for those in need. The next national 30 Hour Famine is April 25-26!


The 30-Hour Famine LIVE Curriculum will prep your students in the month leading up to the Famine. Here are the 4 lessons:

  • Week 1- We Are: Invited
  • Week 2- We Are: Neighbors
  • Week 3- We Are: Hungry!
  • Week 4- We Are: READY

live curriculumOne lesson is written by Leah Swindon, World Vision’s National Director of Youth Mobilization and the 30-Hour Famine (Fun Fact: She has also been involved in youth ministry for the majority of her adult life.) and the other three lessons are written by other seasoned youth pastors.You can learn more about the 30-Hour Famine LIVE Curriculum here!

*If you registered for 30-Hour Famine, then download your LIVE Curriculum here.*

When asked about her favorite part of mobilizing youth for the Famine each year, Leah said, “I love helping young people realize how strong their voice is. People hear statistics and needs all the time, but when they see a teenager speaking up, caring, and taking action, it’s moving. People listen.”

If you, or someone you know, is interested in getting involved with the 30-hour Famine, visit 30hourfamine.org to select a national date (next one is April 25-26) or pick your own.

Have questions about the 30 Hour Famine 4-week prep LIVE curriculum? Give Matty McCage a call at 615-349-7111.

Thanks for caring about the hungry!

Amber / @youthministry

Amber Cassady

Amber Cassady

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Marketer for Simply Youth Ministry and Group Mission Trips. College-aged girls small group leader. Coffee lover. Fan of skiing and hiking as much as she can!

One response to 30-Hour Famine LIVE Curriculum

  1. This is a great fund raiser and a great way of making people more aware of the fact that there are people across the world who do go hungry far too often. I remember doing the 40 hour famine when l was a kid. So l guess the 30 hour famine is 10 hours less, but still the same principals in mind, get behind it if you can.

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