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Biggest Struggles: The pressure to grow

 —  September 18, 2012 — 2 Comments

I don’t know if you struggle with this but I do… I feel pressure from so many different places.  I feel it from the leadership I report to.  I feel it from those that I work with.  I feel it from everyone that is served by our ministry.  But… it’s not what you think.

The pressure I feel may not actually be real.  My leaders expect great things from our ministry.  But, they don’t put pressure on me – personally.  My coworkers have high hopes and big goals for what we do – but they don’t pressure me.  The churches we partner with want to see more people at the mission trips they attend because it makes the experience have that much more impact and therefore that much better.  But they don’t pressure us.

The truth is… I put the pressure on my self.  I love what we do.  I’m very blessed to have a job that I want to go to every day.  I believe we create amazing experiences and have the privilege of seeing God use those experiences to powerfully transform lives.  I would love to help as many people as possible be a part of what we do.  I believe in our ministry.

And that’s where the pressure comes from – me.  I put pressure on myself grow our ministry.  I put pressure on myself because I believe in where God has put me.  I believe that God has called me to be part of this ministry.  I believe that we have a purpose and a ministry to fulfill.  I believe we can help more people if we grow.

And so… I feel pressure to grow.  Pressure to grow the ministry.  Pressure to serve more people in need.  Pressure to serve more churches and youth workers.


Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thompson

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Jeff Thompson, a veteran of youth ministry, serves as the Director of Youth Missions for Group Mission Trips - Workcamps, Week of Hope and The Big Day of Serving.

2 responses to Biggest Struggles: The pressure to grow

  1. I agree. Much of the pressure I feel is self inflicted. I often justify it because I believe that we are (as youth pastors) on the front line of the battle for souls but also for the future of the church. As if “I” can save a single soul or guarantee the gospel remains pure in the hearts of the future generation. Truth be told, I can not! When I realize this – actually when God slaps me back to reality – my ministry flourishes. Because it’s all His ministry, all we need to do is get out of His way, be sensitive and obedient and He will reach youth through us. Thanks for sharing and thanks for serving kid!

  2. Pressure is inherent in any occupation. In youth ministry, where we are sometimes seen as not being “real”pastors and results are not clearly displayed on pie charts and graphs, the pressure often comes from our own need to “prove” our value both to ourselves and to our congregations.

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