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7 Days with Lifetree Adventures: Honduras, Day 1

 —  March 15, 2014 — 2 Comments


Don’t let my obvious command of the Spanish language fool you. I’m about as fluent in it as whatever secondary exposure to Dora the Explorer and Chipotle menus have made me.

Still, here I am writing you this quick post from the bed of my mission house. Perhaps that’s a bit too familiar, but it’s been  along day of travel for my 13-year old son and I.

20140315_091251It’s our first trip with Lifetree Adventures, and so far it’s been amazing. We left our schizophrenic Ohio weather this morning around 3am to get to our local airport at a reasonable hour. From there, we flew three hours to Miami, then another three hours to Honduras, and then drove another three hours by bus to our city. He’s been an absolute trooper, and our team has already started bonding.

Of course, there’s only so much you can do your first day.


We did note how “American” the area around the airport felt. Right when we stepped outside we saw a Burger King, Little Caesar’s Pizza, Church’s Chicken, and a number of other chains. A huge “CINEMARK” movie theater was also within walking distance, connected to a huge mall that puts the closest one near me in Ohio to shame. The real takeaway was when one of our guides said, “What you’re about to see in the mall isn’t accurate to who we are.”

I thought, “That statement could be said even in America.”


On the flipside, once we got on the road there were some notable hurdles to consider. For example, if you want to use toilet paper in a public bathroom you need to bring it in with you. That’s right – “personal budgeting” never mattered like this!

A big highlight was when we attended a local church service.


It wasn’t what I expected… in fact, it was oddly familiar. We sang songs that my son and I know from the radio back home. I tried using the Spanish lyrics that were up on the screen, but ended up reverting back to the English version… tunes by Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Hilllsong United. I even had a person translate the sermon via an audio device and headphones. It was like my own personal Acts 2 moment.

I’m looking forward to what’s ahead and appreciate your prayers. We’re going to begin serving tomorrow. Any tips to make the most of this time?



Tony Myles

Tony Myles

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Tony Myles is a youth ministry veteran, author, speaker, volunteer youth worker and lead pastor of Connection Church in Medina, Ohio... and he really likes smoothies.

2 responses to 7 Days with Lifetree Adventures: Honduras, Day 1

  1. Take in the experiences God had prepared for you both. Pray for these people with me.

    Remember that if green sludge comes out if th faucet, it’s NOT a free smoothie.

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