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Our high school ministry does really well with funny videos and usually comes up with some pretty strong programming bits for our youth group services. What I like about this video is that is sets up the students’ sharing time so well. Good stuff!


Here’s a little video made to help support the message of the Life Groups: STORIES weekend. Good, clean promotion and shows the impact a great leader and group can have on your life!


This past week in the Refinery we did something really fun – our Life Groups are kicking off the year together and we set up a simple photo station outside the youth room. We took pictures of all of the groups – some serious, some goofy – and put them up on Facebook for people to check out. Couple great but simple things are happening without us saying anything at all:

  • Groups are sharing the pics on their walls and making them profile pictures, spreading the reach of Life Groups
  • The pictures serve as a constant reminder of who is a part of the group and to keep the group going strong through the year
  • They are just plain fun, the groups demonstrate/model Christian community even in their humor

Fun idea that might work for you or inspire you to do something even better!


Fun new video from HSM to promote the last day of Life Group registration!


Last week I ran around to a few Life Groups doing “drive-by” milk and cookies runs. It was so much fun! Here’s what I was hoping to accomplish:

  • Encourage some leaders: Picking out some leaders who I haven’t connected with or spent time with lately is essential.Young leaders, rookie leaders are good targets!
  • Help them finish strong: this time of year groups tend to get smaller and could fade here at the end. A little boost of energy/buzz this time of year.
  • Surprise some students: Nothing better than barging in the front door of a small group with a gallon of milk and 4 packages of cookies. I let the leaders know I’m coming, but keep students in the dark.


Life Groups with Parker from HSM on Vimeo.

Parker made this video we played at Life Group Leader Training that was a bit hit. It was made to encourage students to sign up, and leaders to learn what NOT to do.


The boys put together what may be our best Life Group promotion video ever. So fun … Life Groups win.


Was going to post about this weekend’s Life Group Retreat, but was happy to read more insight than I would have offered over on Phil’s blog. The idea for the retreat was a concentrated relational time with students and their Life Group leader. We had students from all classes present, but new groups and freshman/sophomore groups were the most likely to participate. My pitch to leaders was that while the event was optional, it would give them 24 hours with their students in one weekend, something they would be hard-pressed to do in a semester of group meetings. Here’s some of the insights on doing something similar, head there for lots more thoughts and logistics:

1. If we do it again I would rename it “Life Group Overnighter” or “Life Group Hangout” or something that gives a better indication of the low-key nature of the event and doesn’t encroach upon our programmed events (like Winter Camp and Summer Camp)

2. It is worth shopping around for hotels and a personal visit will help.

3. Check if the hotel has a rewards program.

4. When you submit the room list, request that girls and guys are on different floors.

5. As trip leader arrive hours earlier than the students/leaders, you will have to reorganize a few rooms around and fix a few errors.

6. Be proactive. I usually check with the front desk during the evening/night to see of there have been any problems. This gives a good impression and helps you head off any potential problems early.

7. Keep the programmed part of the event short. We met together and played a quiz that gave everyone the chance to in something for their group (ranging from a giant bag of popcorn to a deck of cards). Students will be hyped up to stay in a hotel so anything more than that will be tough. It’s just a chance to check everyone is ok.