Summer sympathy

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Now, I just added this wordpress ap to my phone so I can try to post from it. We will see how this works. I am a horrible texter and hate, passionately typing from this tiny little keyboards. Sobthis will definitely keep my babbling to a minimum. And if there are typos let’s just pretend it’s our little game that you have to guess what I am meaning to say cuz if I have to keep pressing the delete button…I’m screwed. And when I post from my phone I don’t know how to add any cute little pictures. Anyone smart enough to explain that to me??
But what I have been really curious about and want to hear from you is what does this summer look like for you and your family? What is your husbands schedule? Usually this is “our” (youth ministry) biggest busiest season. Our husband are gone and coo coo and the rest I’d the church is just that – resting!
It’s hard to find some support and sympathy :)
I would love to hear all abou it!

I posted 5 camp leader expectations earlier in the week – here are the remaining seven expectations for Summer Camp volunteers. We had an amazing camp volunteer leader meeting this past week – and leave for camp in eight days!

Follow the Rules and Enforce the Rules
Students will always look to leaders to see how far they can push the rules. It is important that you are following the rules as well as enforcing them.

Respect the Staff and Campus
Please respect the campus and the camp staff. If the camp staff asks you to do something…please do it…and make sure your students are do the same.

Model Christianity
Possibly our greatest ministry is modeling what Christianity is all about. This will happen through our love for them, our passion over our relationship with God, our attitude, and through our servant heart.

Know Where Your Students Are
You are responsible for knowing where the students from your cabin are at all times. Whenever you sit down for a meal or show up for an activity do a quick head count to make sure they are all there…and go find them if they are not. Unless it says optional next to an activity on the schedule, every student should be at every activity.

Be On Time
Please help your cabin be on time to all meals and events. We have created a schedule for a reason and with such a large group even one cabin being late can throw something off.

Stick to Ministering to Your Same Gender
If you are a male you need to be ministering to male students and if you are a female you need to be ministering to female students. That doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with students of the opposite gender, but MOST of your time should be spent with students who are of your same gender.

No Pranks. No Exceptions.
Everyone likes to have fun, but when one person starts a prank the next person always takes it to another level. We want our students to have a good time. It is possible to have fun and be relational without wedgies, licorice slapping, excessive AXE body spray, nakedness, handcuffs, and stuffing small freshman in a duffle bag. Please help us protect our students, our ministry, and the integrity of our church.


This weekend is freshman promotion weekend – the weekend that in our church culture we bring in the new kids for their first weekend in our high school ministry. It is an awesome weekend, we a little extra programming and a strong welcoming environment.

It also creates the perfect opportunity for us to re-launch a weekend ministry team: greeting! This weekend some students will launch “Shake It” a simple plan to help students get greeted at the door, a conversation with inside and make sure no on sits alone. Excited!


I Believe, I Believe!

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Do you believe that God can resurrect a computer from the dead?
I’m writing really fast without really any purpose because, I can!
About a month ago (obviously) my computer totally crashed and its been sitting out on the kitchen table and I would try to “fiddle” with it , if you will. I mean what the heck do I know about computers! But in the mean time my husband has tried to fix ANYTHING else besides this computer. I think he is scared to face the truth that I need a new one.
Anyway, I came down from taking a shower just now and my kid was playing a game on this computer! My 6 year old fixed it?? (Or the Lord??)
I miss you guys :)
So much has been happening, just as I am sure your house-holds are crazy busy with summertime here, no school for the kiddos, husbands leaving and gone more. Sooooo much to talk about it.

What are you guys thinking about as summer is here?

We had an amazing leader’s meeting the other night for our summer camp volunteers. We listed out a dozen or so expectations we have of our summer camp team, here’s the first 5 if you’re interested in adapting them for your setting, too:

This Is the Student’s Trip
We need to do everything possible to make this the greatest week of their life. In our role of leadership we need to model servanthood and take our turn last at everything.

Know Everyone’s Names
By the end of dinner the first night you should know everyone’s name in your cabin. Also, please work to learn student’s name outside of your cabin.

Be Highly Relational
This trip is our “big-time” relational trip (building significant relationships is the backbone of our ministry). Of course you will need to steal a few quick moments for some personal time to hang out, but the majority of your time should be spent investing in the students in your cabin. You should be exhausted by the end of the week from working on relationships.

Maintain a Great Attitude
Without question, the attitude of the leader will set the tone for the entire cabin. If the students in your cabin complain about something, they will listen for leader’s response. Keep positive and free from complaining, and you will see the students do the same. Your attitude is crucial.

Don’t Be Afraid To Discipline
Our philosophy is to discipline with grace and truth. Grace enters in when we remind ourselves they are high school students and we need to allow them the freedom to be teenagers. The truth enters in when there is a need to speak honestly about their behavior. If there is a relationship built you shouldn’t have any problem (rules without relationships lead to rebellion). If you need help or are unsure to how to handle a student feel free to talk to bring it up at the leader meeting.


Our friend, Doug Franklin, had a great post on his blog the other day about this difficult but important aspect of the ministry of youth missions. When/if to send an adult home from a trip. Our ministry has some of it’s own processes and steps we take in the context of what we do, and Doug’s thoughts echo our sentiments…

Sending an Adult Home

What do you think? Is our ministry and Doug’s thoughts on the right track? Do you agree or disagree?

College Ministry Poll

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Let’s take a little poll. Sometimes it’s just good to see what other college ministers are doing around the country.

I tried to embed the poll here on the blog, but for some reason WordPress is being lame. Anyway, take the poll here.

The latest episode of the Simply Youth Ministry Podcast: Episode 136. Enjoy!