This is the last in a series of five “voice” types in your smaller youth group’s small groups.

“The Cheerleader” is my favorite! She/he is usually the joy of the group. They remember to ask about others’ pains and encourages all around them w/ an ever-flowing fountain of loving grace.

Occasionally, they get on the group’s nerves. Not every situation calls for enthusiasm and The Cheerleader can find themselves surrounded by grumpy people.

What to do? Set this student to doing what they already do well – lift others up. Make them responsible for sending cards to the group members or to other church members from the group.

This person is great at arranging for the needs of members going through tough times. Give The Cheerleader an outlet for their love and the group is better for it.


Creating a compelling and inspiring youth group service every week can feel like an impossible task by itself. If that wasn’t enough, as soon as you’re get done with it, you collapse in a heap for a day off and get ready to do it all over again in just a few short days. Defeating the weekend beast every week is no small task, and we’ve recently been discussing a new strategy to get things accomplished in such a short turnaround time. Our services are on Saturday and Sunday, so you may have to adjust the actual days to fit your context. Either way, here’s the new model we’re working from this season:

Delegation (Tuesday)
What are the tasks that need to be doled out to make sure our youth group meeting is a success? For that matter, what are we even doing this week? Make sure that all of the projects, videos, music, humor, handouts all have an owner – pass out tasks and be confident that your busy work on the front end will help things go smoothly in the end. I would love to see a program sheet and a bunch of people starting to move on their assignments at the end of the day.

Do (Wednesday)
This is the day to get things accomplished. Shoot the video. Buy the prizes. Test it out. Whatever needs to happen for the weekend, DO it on Wednesday. This week, I’ve got a student writing their testimony, a volunteer editing a video and a draft of my sermon coming along.

Done (Thursday)
Everything has to come together on Thursday. Get the bulletin done, the student outline finished, slides made, videos selected and ProPresenter setup. Handouts are copied, packets are made, anything that was ordered has arrived and is sorted, ready to go. By the end of Thursday I’d love for things not to just be dialed in but DONE. This week … well, that’s today, so hopefully I’ll get the sermon done and can followup on everything else that is spinning at the moment.

Dream (Friday)
You’ve got to make space for greatness – so instead of letting Friday become the uncontrollable chaos of to do lists and last-minute service details, force yourself to get things DONE a little early so you can DREAM. If you have everything dialed in, you can work to get ahead and be intentional to find more time for people and spend time wisely on programs.



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Just a few random “whys” of girl’s ministry:

  • Well, Jesus modeled it. Jesus changed history by ministering to women. Some of the key stories of the New Testament include women. Take for example, the resurrection, the most important story and there in the middle of the story…Women, the first eyewitnesses to this miracle.
  • Most youth ministries consist of an equal or higher percentage of girls than boys.
  • Most youth ministries want to change the world. History shows us that a great number of world changers were/are women.

What else? What’s the why behind why you do girl’s ministry?

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Doug Fields, Josh Griffin, Katie Edwards, and Matt McGill once again gather round the table to talk about youth ministry. But not all questions are about Youth Ministry, haven’t you wondered about the drop leaf table? Once the conversation does turn to ministry topics include: deciding when to add paid staff, fighting with a parent, sponsoring a Christian Club on campus, and special need students.


Living Today = Life Lived

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Yesterday I was writing and began to expand a thought. I boiled the thought down and tweeted it. Here’s what the tweet said:

“How you live your days will become how you lived your life. #2DayMatters”

With people (especially those college age) looking so much to the future to what God wants to do through them for their rest of their lives, I’d recommend pointing them to a principle in scripture (glad I didn’t come up with this idea myself!). Use passages like Matthew 25:21-23 or Luke 16:10 where Jesus helps us understand that we need to be faithful with little before we are entrusted with much. We all long to be used by God in much, but the more we look forward the more likely we miss being faithful today. And that’s a problem. This principle Jesus makes in these passages ought to completely transform our day.

What makes us think God would reveal what He wants to do with the rest of our lives when we’re not completely living for Him today? How we live our days will become how we lived our life. Let’s first make sure we are living for the right things today, being faithful with little. Then, let’s be an example of that for people who desperately need this modeled!

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Two great new resources to help junior highers face the hurts that come their way:

1)Messy Stuffsmall group video curriculum. My friend, Heather Flies has done an amazing job creating a 5-week video bible study that will help your students navigate the painful, messy stuff in their lives.

2) My Broken Palace. This is a growing online ministry/prayer community/awareness website designed to give students a safe place to post prayer requests, get some support and recognize that they are not alone.

Thoughts on this?

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Just came across this video. Thoughts?