The Shine Movement

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The SHINE Movement – Spread Hope in Needy Environments. An illustration of what students can do if they start the domino effect in their lives by following God’s ways every day. Used during the series finale of the 2020: The Future is now campaign.


Youth Ministry Thankfulness

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Thank you for obeying God’s call to do youth ministry:
Thanks for serving.
Thanks for teaching God’s Word to students each week.
Thanks for being silly and fun.
Thanks for be serious, too.
Thanks for listening.
Thanks for listening, especially to that one kid who seems to bend your ear each week.
Thanks for being a great husband or wife and modeling that to your students.
Thanks for watching what you watch, say and do as an example.
Thanks for pointing me toward Jesus.
Thanks for being cool with not getting as much thanks as you deserve.
Thanks for loving God.
Thanks for spending time with God regularly.
Thanks for hurting when I hurt.
Thanks for supporting my family. Thanks for believing in my teenager.
Thanks for seeing the potential.
Thanks for pushing me to join a small group and experience Christian community.
Thanks for carrying burdens.
Thanks for challenging students.
Thanks for all of the inside jokes.
Thanks for guiding me.
Thanks for being there when my grandpa died.
Thanks for what you gave up to be in youth ministry.
Thanks for not needing recognition when you should be getting it.
Thanks for taking care of your heart and soul.
Thanks for helping me learn how to share my faith with my friends.
Thanks for your affirming words to me about my children.
Thanks for you quirks that make you original, I’m so glad you’re not the same.
Thanks for doing your best every day.
Thanks for your blog posts and Twitter.
Thanks for that encouraging word on Facebook when I was down.
Thanks for your counsel on which college I should go to.
Thanks for doing our wedding.
Thanks for making an impact.
Thanks for buying me a Coke.
Thanks for telling me the truth.
Thanks for shaping my life forever.
Thanks for being there when no one else was.

(things I imagine students, parents and other youth workers saying to you this Thanksgiving)


Doug, Matt, Josh, and Katie are together again. ;Matt describes it as “Near Eternal Wisdom”

Here’s the latest episode of the Simply Youth Ministry Podcast. Enjoy the madness!


Killball Rules

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While I am a believer that youth ministry has to be more than dodgeball … we do love our fair share of it at church. We call it killball, and if you want to know the rules and all of the details on how we do it, check out Taffy’s blog post right here.


We at Simply Youth Ministry would like to thank-you for all you do to. ;We are also thankful you let us be a part of your ministry.

Need a church website? A media center/blog/website for your student ministry? Snapshot Web might be the solution you’re looking for. It was recently updated with some great features … makes me wish I had the ability to use a solution like this. (long story!)


This weekend we split the High Schoolers up, myself and a few female leaders shared with the girls.

We touched on several topics imporant to girls like body image, boys and overcoming the lies of the media. We also allowed for girls to write out questions about ANYTHING. Q& A is one of my favorite times. We had so many good questions.You can tell a lot about what your students are currently processing just by their questions.

Here’s a sampling of a few:

If you have had sex how do you start the process of healing?

Is it okay to date an older guy?

(from a HP fan) What should you do if your boyfriend is lord voldermort and he wants to kill all the muggles and mudbloods?

Should you tell a boy that you like him?

What do boys think of make up?

If I have a friend who is struggling with cutting/eating disorders, how can I help them?

Like I said, so many good questions. If you could answer one of these questions which one would you want to answer and what would you say?

(By the way, this weekend, myself and the same female leaders are chatting up with the guys about what a girl really wants. Can’t wait!! What would you say to a room full of HS boys?)