top ten reasons.

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I decided to make a top ten…

Top ten reasons to attend the Simply Youth Ministry Conference

10. GUNGOR!! Love them!

9. The general session speakers…Louie and Doug!

8. A chance sighting of Oprah…CHICAGO!! Maybe she’ll be giving away cars again!

7. Free stuff. There is always free stuff at the conference…and good free stuff which is awesome!

6. Loads of workshops…including a half track on girl’s ministry

5. Affinity Groups. They are amazing…don’t know about them, check it out here! Definitely one of the things that makes this conference different than any I’ve been to before.

4. Late Night with the Skit Guys. Funniest boys ever…especially when they are pretending to be a girl!

3. Did I mention CHICAGO? I’ve never been and I am super excited to see the windy city!

2. Candy. It may just be me but whenever I attend conferences I eat lots of candy. the good kind. delicious!

1. a whole weekend to talk and connect about girl’s ministry. YES, please! If you are going to be at the conference be sure to send me an email- would love to grab coffee or ice cream with you!

the end.

How good are your benefits from your church? Check all that apply in your benefit package.


POLL DAY: Budget Cuts

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Let’s say you have a budget, which is awesome alone. But it gets cut. Where do you look to make the first cutbacks of these poll options?


POLL DAY: Are you in a network with other youth workers?


How has your personal spiritual life been lately – specifically your Bible reading?


Used to be a prerequisite that you had to play the guitar to be legitimate in youth ministry? I don’t … do you?


Curious as to your media consumption habits. Have you jumped off of cable yet? We’re 2 years in and running!


I don’t have a ton of time to serve outside of our high school ministry. Curious about you! Vote in today’s poll.