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I am excited that I get to be a part of the SLC 2011- I just found this sweet little banner on their site and it made me feel really official!

Posted by Kurt Johnston

I’ve come to a conclusion; about myself and about everybody else. No matter how open to change we might be (and some people are much more comfortable with the overall concept than others), none of us are really as open to it as we think we are.

Let’s talk about youth ministry. Not all change in your ministry is good change, and not all change is bad. In fact, in and of itself, change is a neutral concept….it can be good or it can be bad depending on a wide variety of things.

I tend to enjoy change…I like the way it shakes things up…I enjoy the tension it brings. And because I enjoy change, I am always caught off guard when I find
myself resisting it. In the moments I find myself really struggling with change, I try to ask myself a few questions:

- What, REALLY, am I fighting? Am I fighting an old tradition that I just don’t want to say goodbye to? Am I fighting a person whose judgement to make change I don’t trust? Am I fighting a principle that is truly worth fighting?

- Why, REALLY, am I fighting? Is it because of pride (something I hold dear or maybe even created myself is being changed)? Am I fighting because the change will create a bunch of new work and leadership needs? Is it because the change really is the wrong change, and I’m fighting what I know will be a mistake?

It works almost every time. Identifying what you are fighting, and why just might change the way you deal with change!

Yesterday I posted the first half of the frequently asked questions about our large group program at Saddleback Student Ministries. We’ve been assembling them for the Radicalis Conference here on campus this week – our student ministries track is jammed packed with info and thought I would share some here on the blog as well. Here’s the other half of the questions, hopefully these will be helpful to you in some way, too:


6. How often do you (as the primary leader of the ministry) teach?
a. Wildside — although he is our Student Ministries Pastor, Kurt teaches 50% of the time in Wildside and the remaining 50% are split up amongst the Wildside team
b. HSM — I speak a little over half of the time, we spread out the rest over guest speakers (mostly internal) and students during You Own the Weekend.
c. Crave – Pastor Brad speaks about 35 weeks a year

7. What roles do volunteers play in your service?
a. Wildside — volunteers lead our music, run games, give announcements, lead grade groups, host sections, run audio/video, etc.
b. HSM – volunteers greet, work crowd, keep order, do announcements, etc. We use student leaders equally or perhaps even more than adults at this level program.
c. Crave – message research, worship leaders, greeters, tear-down/setup, ushers, A / V, 1st time attender’s party and more.

8. What percentage of the service is made up of music?
a. Wildside — approximately 20% of our service is worship through music
b. HSM — we usually have 3-5 songs each service.
c. Crave – approximately 30%

9. Do you use secular music at all? And if so, how?
a. Wildside — Yes. We use appropriate secular music as opening songs, videos, music videos, background music, games, etc.
b. HSM — we use it every weekend during the countdown, often for opening cover songs, sometimes behind games/announcements, etc.
c. Crave – Rarely; we sometimes play it before and after the service just so non-believers hear something familiar.

10. What is your follow-up strategy for connecting with students after the service?
a. Wildside — We aren’t great at follow-up, mostly because we don’t do check-in/out, and thus have a tough time getting accurate contact info on our students. We do encourage our leaders to take note of grade group attendance as best they can, but with four services that gets tough.
b. HSM — our large group time is totally anonymous, if a student gives us their information on a response card we take it very seriously. If a student trusts Christ, we send out a new believer’s packet. If a student checks the “first time” box we send out a little card. Those are the pulse of our ministry, response cards are like gold to this level service.
c. Crave – We email, Facebook and sometimes call those who’ve made commitments or are seeking greater involvement.

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If you were at the youth track today at Radicalis you heard about a ton of links and resources to help you with small groups. Here’s a little cheat list to get quick access to the things we love and stuff we use every day. Enjoy!


Live Different by Youth Ministry 360 Now Available

#3 Bring a red love seat-sized slip cover.

Kami has some crazy contest going on about bringing a red coach (u know, for live logo purposes…and to take a nap on when the sack chairs are full). She’s giving away like free 2012 reg’s or something. Maybe u can pick up or borrow a really ugly seat from somewhere local and then put on the red slip cover.

FREEBIE: The first person to bring Kami to me ON a red couch carried by 4+ uth workers wins…dinner on me (but u have to eat it with me)


The promo music video for the upcoming You Own the Weekend student-led series in HSM.


If you were at the youth ministry track today at Radicalis, I promised that most everything I shared was on the blog. Here’s a quick rundown to get it quickly – and if you weren’t there some stuff from the archives that might interest you, too: