For a good bit of September this year I was in Kenya. Does that seem strange and exotic to you? There was a time when it did to me, too. Even today when people talk about mission work the iconic reference is always Africa. As in,

In case you missed it…

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Loved Darren’s post over on Everyone’s Called to Youth Ministry about what to do … and what not to do when youth ministry gets tough. Good stuff in here, here’s an excerpt:

So admit it — there are days when ministry isn’t all you thought it would be. I was gonna list some of the ‘less than pleasant’ points of ministry…but if you’re in ministry, you know, because it’s probably happened to you along the way.

So how to deal with disappointment in ministry….

Yell at your wife. That’s what I do. She doesn’t appreciate it and I usually feel like a jerk afterward — but, hey, it’s the way of the Testosterone.

Pout. Suck your thumb. Complain that life isn’t fair. That way, everyone around you will know how hard your job is…just in case there was ever any doubt.


I know this one is popping up everywhere, but it is really clever. Digital Nativity.


This past weekend I challenged our high school girls to think of a friend who is not plugged into a church or who does not know Christ so that we could go caroling to their house and drop off a bag of homemade Christmas treats.

Before we met at one home, each girl was asked to make a favorite Christmas treat, like cookies or candy. When all the girls arrived we combined our treats to make individual gift bags of delicious goodies for their friends.

Once the bags were complete, off we went to give the bags of goodies to their friends while we caroled to them and their families. To be honest it was not an angelic sound or even a good GLEE nock off but it brought smiles to all who greeted us at the door.

The night had bonding, laughter, sharing some awkward moments together, singing and a visual act of love. The girls had a great time. The 10 different friends and their families were shown love & care. It was encouraging for the girls to hear the texts from the friends come in after we left of how much they loved us visiting or how great the treats were.

Here is just a little way to help students share God’s love this season with their friends in hopes that it will create conversations of why we do what we do.

Kim is married to Danny Bowers who is a youth pastor in Southern California. Kim keeps busy with their sons Cody and Cole. She is passionate about helping high school girls navigate their world knowing and living God’s truth. She blogs at

Kurt Johnston is joined by Scott Brensen to talk about hurting kids and My Broken Palace.

Happy Christmas!!

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A very special Happy Christmas-gram from Group Mission Trips and Simply Youth Ministry. Enjoy… or play at your own risk…

Merry Christmas!

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The Simply Youth Ministry and Group Workcamps teams would love to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!