It has taken me longer than usual this month … too much real-life/youth ministry getting in the way of my videogaming, but my Xbox360 gamerscore is now up over 55,000 points. The 1,000+ increase over the last update was due to some serious and not-so-serious gaming:

  • 007: Blood Stone (B+) – fun James Bond game, run and gun the whole thing
  • Air Conflicts: Secret Wars (D-) – completely unplayable. Bummed I even paid $16 for it.
  • Kinect Sports: Season 2 (B+) – fun for the whole family, really really fun.
  • Madagascar 3 (C+) – kids loved this one, we never did see the movie!


Simply Youth Ministry has some really smart people working for them…and one of THE sharpest may just be Matty McCage. I’m not really sure exactly what Matty’s job title is (Matty, do you even know?). What I know now, that I didn’t know till yesterday, is that Matty knows small churches.

So Matty and I had this phone chat set up so Matty could school me in all things Live Curriculum. I like to keep up with what’s available because so many churches ask me what would work best for them. Here’s what I didn’t know:

1) Did you know LIVE had 6 different lines now? (I lost track somewhere around 4, I think. Sorry, SYM.)

2) Did you know they have a new College version now? Me neither!

3) Did you know that each lesson cost like only $3.46 one time? (I kinda knew that. No matter how many people use it.)

4) Did you know that the biggest customer base for using LIVE is the small church? (Think about it; the scope and sequence is there. Its so user friendly with the dashboard; small church teams don’t get to meet a lot since they’re volunteers. )

5) Matty has really cool hair and is allergic to peppers? (That I knew. Feed him one and you’ll be giving him mouth-to-mouth.)

There’s more but you already think I’m getting some fat endorsement check from this blog; I’m not, btw.

I just really think this could be a great solution for churches who don’t have a CE person or a youth director or a lot of time trying to figure out what to use.  Call Matty at 615-349-7111 for yourself and let him school you. That’s his job…I think.






Strike A Pose

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You know how you can tell we are bombarded with images of what it means to be a beautiful girl?

The elbow pop- girls know how to pose in a way they is more flattering. Look through some pictures of your girls…do you see the elbow pop? It’s a classic pose…for models and celebrities. They see the pose everywhere…and now they are doing it. I can’t tell if it’s funny or sad?

Do your girls strike a pose? Do you strike a pose? I might try it out this week!

This is a good idea

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Jeff and I recently celebrated 14 years of marriage. This is what I received in honor of our anniversary. I will have to say, it is the PERFECT gift. I can’t believe I have lived without on of these things for so long. I like to tape things to the center and punch away! (you can only imagine what I might “punch out”… and you’d probably be right :) ). Very therapeutic. I suggest everyone ask for one of these as a marriage and ministry tool.

Here’s to 80 more years of marriage! Love that Jeff Maguire!

It’s only one full week into the summer mission trip season and already we’re hearing great stories of what God is doing all across the country.  The great thing is God is working in people’s lives regardless of their role (participant, staff, recipient) or age (youth or adult).  During last week’s mission trips we received this story from an adult chaperone.  It’s from day one, week one.  This is not the result of a week of interaction and worship.  Just one day…

I was assigned the Alzheimer’s unit project and was dreading it. They had to hog tie me and tie me to a stick and knock me unconscious to get me to go to that. I would rather do anything than that. Anything.  (after a pause )  Today was the best day of my life. Hands down the best. It wasn’t me … It was God working though me. Awesome. 

It’s stories like this that make everything worth it.  All the planning, preparation, recruiting, tears come together in a story like this.

One of my favorite things we started to do a few years ago was add brand new songs for our youth group at Summer Camp. Our student ministry worship leader Taffy came up with the idea to help get them in the culture right away and then use them all year long. I remember even months later then the first few notes of the song played everyone cheered with the thought of great camp memories and decisions.

Here are a couple of the new songs we’re adding at camp this summer – both happen to be by Matt Redman – We Are the Free and We Could Change the World. So I’m not sure what songs you are going to pick up this summer at camp – but bring them back all year long!


No one ever said ministering to teenagers was easy. (Actually, one person did say that—but he didn’t last long.) But working with certain teenagers seems especially challenging, difficult, stressful.
How can you best connect with defiant, clingy, or complacent students? How do you build bridges to unchurched, hurting, or socially awkward teenagers? Drawing on two decades of youth ministry experience, Leneita Fix offers practical insights and strategies on effectively connecting with 10 groups of teenagers that we can overlook, ignore, or avoid all too easily.
In No Teenager Left Behind, Fix paints a picture of students who can fall through the cracks of our youth ministries, a picture rooted in her own teenage struggle with insecurities and doubt and low self-esteem. These are the students that we pretend we are too busy for. They’re the ones that are lost and we feel totally unqualified to reach. No Teenager Left Behind

This book is behind helpful and very inexpensive!  Check it out at

This past weekend we did a message on SHAPE and hosted a ministry fair – as we were looking at the service at the last minute we needed a little filler video before the message. We quickly found this one and it was absolutely perfect! it is called It’s Time to Serve from Worship House Media – love, love, love it!