Here are the texts/emails we sent out to students who participated in HSM’s Back to School Pray Fast Challenge. If you missed yesterday’s post on it, check it out here!

Day 1 – Personal- Pray for your relationship with Christ and read 2
Corinthians 13:5-7.

Day 2 – Promise- Focus on the promise God revealed to us in Psalms
119:105. How does that relate to us.

Day 3 – Passion- Focus on Matthew 22:37-40 and think about how can you do
this more.

Day 4 – Pastoring - Focus on how can you be more of a light to the people
around you and read Matt 5:14-16.

Day 5 – Protection - Pray for God’s protection over others and yourself.
Be specific in the areas you want protection from God. Read Proverbs 18:10

Day 6 – Perseverance – Read and focus Romans 5:3-5 Pray that God would
help you perservere and see the benefits it has on your character.

Day 7 – Password - Focus on Psalms 100:1-5 also take the time to think
about having a heart of gratitude. Thank God and others.


P2P: Are You Having Fun?

Kurt Johnston —  September 5, 2012 — 3 Comments

Welcome to our first edition of Power To The People (from now on just called, P2P)!
P2P is an occasional shout out to other in-the-trenches youth workers by pointing readers of this blog to a post on one of theirs in the hopes that youth ministry (in our case, mostly related to MS ministry) influence wouldn’t belong solely to the “Youth Ministry 1%” (of which I am a proud, card-carrying member….). All of us are smarter than a few of us, and all of us can challenge and stretch the community more effectively than just a few of us.

Wow, that is a really noble sounding proclamation for what will likely be a fairly small portion of the content on this blog….but we’re taking baby steps!

Today’s P2P post is from David Hausknecht who is a middle school pastor in Lexington, KY. He recently wrote a Post entitled, “Are You Having Fun?”. Here is an excerpt:

“Last week my wife relayed a story to me that happened at our Sunday morning middle school service. Nicole (my wife) met a girl who was there for the first-time and (most likely) was there because her parents made her. She had a pretty sour demeanor, arms crossed, not interested in what was happening. She kept asking my wife when “class” started. Nicole continued to assure her that our middle school service is nothing like a “class,” and in fact, what we were doing in the moment was all part of the experience. Between the Interlude dance, the French Fry Fling game, and the rocking worship by our band, this girl was clearly confused. She had her paradigm of church in a small little “box,” and our version didn’t fit in that box…..”

Go to David’s Blog HERE to read the rest!

I am not a rumor junkie but I like hearing stuff about upcoming Apple products…I am now patiently waiting for September 12…the suspected reveal of the iPhone 5.

One site I like to check every once in a while is They have a countdown to known Apple Keynotes.  If the picture below is legit, you can see the “5″ as the shadow of the 12.  I am expecting a 7 inch iPad that day too…we will see.

iPhone 5 Rumor and Release Guide via @ABCNEWS

Courtesy of Apple; Karly Domb Sadof/AP Photo


From time to time I post a question that comes into the blog for YOU to answer. What advice would you give this youth pastor who is asking about teaching/discipling checkpoints in their youth ministry. Weigh in!

We have a great group of leaders, but my biggest frustration is trying to come up with ways to help grow them as leaders and move them forward in their leadership capacity.  I’ve tried several ways but just haven’t found a way that seems to “click” just right. If you wouldn’t mind sharing, what sorts of things do you guys do to help grow your leaders?  How often do you meet?  What do you talk about?  How do you grow as a team?  

What would you say? Weigh in!


Really enjoyed this simple spoken word video from Sol Rexius about the Bible. Really good stuff in there, might make a good bumper video or transition in a service. They’re using it to promote the upcoming Rock Solid Bible, which looks promising too. Get your students in the Word!


RIGHT NOW (Tuesday night) one of my favorite iPad apps is free.  The name on iPad’s Avid Studio app is changing to Pinnacle Studio.  Avid is still available and ready to purchase for $5 but Pinnacle Studio is currently free and a great app.  Check out this blurb from and here is a review of Avid Studios iPad vs iMovie iPad if you are curious what it is like.

Loved this idea from Taffy (Student Ministry Worship Pastor) encouraging our students to participate in something he called the Pray Fast Challenge. It has been an really incredible experience this week as our students head back to school – I’ll be back tomorrow with the daily updates we sent to students as well in case you would like to set up something like this, too!


An Encouraging Word

Josh Griffin —  September 4, 2012 — 1 Comment


There is something so simple and powerful about encouragement from a youth ministry cheerleader. My friend Doug Fields shot me this note about a month ago and I think I’ve literally read it about 50 times. And of course it came at the perfect time.

I was hanging out with him last night and made me so thankful for his role in my life. Make sure you have a cheerleader. It is rough out there sometimes.