Here’s the online premiere of Jake’s new music video for the Simply Youth Ministry Conference! A tribute to the original Hotel Hotel from 2006. Enjoy!


Here are a couple of fun announcement videos from the Simply Youth Ministry Conference 2013. Jake and I have some old school fun with fish!


Dave and Steve created this fun infographic-style video based on a script I wrote about the attendees of the Simply Youth Ministry Conference 2013.


Incredible video put together by Matt and Grant to help introduce the theme for the 2013 Simply Youth Ministry Conference. It was the 1st of 3 videos.


Screen Shot 2013-03-02 at 10.17.42 AM

Want to watch the Simply Youth Ministry Conference (#SYMC) sessions live and didn’t make it to Indianapolis? You can watch them all online as they happen right here:!

Check out the schedule to see what is next right here, too! Be here even if you can’t be here.


I remember when I first started in youth ministry, I worked super hard on preparing my youth talk for the following week. I would study, prep, illustrate and flavor a 30-minute talk every day, all week long. Over time, I got more comfortable with the audience size (25 students) and took less time preparing. At some point, I would even let myself slide with a “Saturday Night” special before teaching youth group the next night. And if I’m honest, I may have winged it entirely at some point!

There is a direct correlation between the amount of message preparation and the size of your expected audience. This isn’t a bad thing – makes sense even when you step back from it a little bit. If you are speaking to 30 students, you’ll prepare an hour or two probably. If you’re speaking to a 100 people, I’d guess you would prepare for several hours. Speaking to a 1,000 and it would take you all week. Speaking to a stadium filled with people and you’ll work harder than ever and invest a ton of time to make sure you deliver in front of them.

So … what if you prepped this week like you were speaking to 1,000 people? What would your messages be like if you were preparing to like you were about to speak to hundreds instead of a handful? Your students are worth it. God’s Word would be more presented more clearly than ever. Your talk would be tighter, funnier, clearer and richer.

No more Saturday night specials!



A staggering amount of weight was lost during the 90 days of the Youth Pastor Diet!I was able to lose 24 lbs, which didn’t even put me in the top 10 by the end! It was an incredible run for everyone. Here are the final standings of the Top3 winners of the contest. So hap[y for each one of these guys!

$CASH PRIZE$ + 25lbs. of Resources + ALL Live Curriculum lines + registration for SYMC 2014 + dinner with Josh Griffin & SYM peeps at the conference

$CASH PRIZE$ + 25lbs. of resources + ALL Live Curriculum lines

$CASH PRIZE$ + 25lbs. of resources



Every week we play some sort of game; quick interactive, whole group, small group, crowd-breakers, etc.  If you are looking for some game ideas search “games” by clicking magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner.

If you are looking for something super easy and quick to implement check out Power Play 5. This CD (or download) contains 20 interactive PowerPoint trivia games to involve your whole group! For less than $20 this is a great investment.

Don’t use PowerPoint? Never heard of QuickTime?
No worries. We threw in a free version of Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer, and you can download Apple QuickTime from for free, so you can still play the games. They will also work with other presentation software like MediaShout® and Keynote®

What is your favorite game resource? Give us the name of the game or the website or resource you are using.