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Random Randomness

 —  October 4, 2012 — 1 Comment

I bore easily….and I’m already bored with the JH Ministry In Pictures series. I’m sure I’ll return to it (I’ve got 30 or so), but for now, we pause. Some random stuff on my mind:

– The current situation the Jets find themselves in with Sanchez and Tebow is an interesting case study in momentum and leadership. An organization is struggling, and it has a couple of options. One is to stick with what you think will work and what you have structured for. The other is risky…even though it has had some level of success in previous organizations. What would you do (not in Jets scenario…in your ministry setting.)?

– I watched the debate last night. I’m no Romney fan (I actually tend to lean a bit more independent/libertarian), but dang…the guy showed up last night! Obama was so disengaged that it made me wonder if it is actually a strategy of his to get beat up in the first debate and make a “come back” in the next two. Seriously, he made me wonder if he even wants to get reelected. It is implausible that Obama will come out that flat next time.

– Here are my Three-word reviews on my two most recent movies (This is for you, Eric Venable):
* Looper: Almost really good.
* End of Watch: Not for dates.

– I’ve resolved to avoid using the “kingdom” as a bargaining chip. As in: “Try to have a kingdom mentality, here.” or “I think this would be great for the kingdom”. I’ve found that I (read “most people, too”) seem to mostly use such language when there is something to gain, a decision to defend, etc. It can make me appear spiritual while simultaneously “spiritually bullying” the recipient of such language to do what I want. Obviously this isn’t always the case, and plenty of people have a healthy, biblical, generous view of kingdom dynamics…I’m just not sure I always do so I am going to use the phrase a bit more cautiously.

– Today our church is hosting Duffy Robbins and Doug Fields’ Speaking to Teenagers seminar. They are two of the best youth ministry communicators out there (though they are very similar in style…I wish for a seminar like this they were more distinct from each other), and if you find a seminar within driving distance in the future, I think it would be well worth you time!

Kurt Johnston

Kurt Johnston


Kurt Johnston leads the student ministries team at Saddleback Church in Southern California. His ministry of choice, however, is junior high, where he spends approximately 83.4% of his time.

One response to Random Randomness

  1. To bad I already saw End of Watch on a date before reading this :( come on guys… can we get a quicker movie review! Help my game out lol

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