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Mr youth worship guy! I’ve got a ?

 —  July 25, 2011 — Leave a comment

If you have Jr highers playing in your band,eventually you will get this question, “What guitar should I buy for a beginer?” Here are some thuoghts to help your jr highers get a good instrument that wont kill your precious practice time going out of tune!

Stay away from companies like Rogue, Fernandes, Laguna, AXL and BC Rich. Sorry sub par guitar companies but in all fairness you have been stealing musical joy from children for years now. Squire and Dean are decent and you MAY be safe with Ibanez, look at the hardware (tuners) carefully.

The best pick would be an Epiphone, they build pretty good products(except for their all in one packs)in all price ranges. ESP LTD isn’t a bad brand either, they usually build guitars that look REALLY cool, and a lot more expensive than what they actually are.

Stay away from whole package deals with with straps/pics and amp in a box!
Craig’s list and Ebay are going to get you a better guitar as long as you remember ourbrand cluesfrom above
15 minutes of practice a day are better than 2 hours the day of your lesson
Don’t buy a child’s size guitar.

Here are our guitar picks:
Les Paul look a like at 149.00
SG Ephiphone at 169.00

More questions? Ask the @foundationRED twitter account for any gear or worship questions.



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