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More is More

 —  August 21, 2013 — 1 Comment

kurt recent BY KURT JOHNSTON

At this same time last month, I wrote an article called Less Is More. And while a less-is-more mind-set is helpful in many ministry categories, there are loads of areas where having a more is more approach is the right strategy—where if a little bit of something is good, then more of that something is even better!  Here are a few more is more examples.

Opportunities For Healthy Relationships: Saying that youth ministry should be relational in nature is like saying Tim Tebow should be a starting QB in the NFL; nobody would argue… (Okay, bad example!) And because relational youth ministry is such a no-brainer, I think we oftentimes take it for granted that healthy relationships are automatically being developed within our ministries. Do whatever you can, as often as you can, to strategically build into your teenagers that they were created to be in community, that we need each other, and that life is about “us” not about “me.”

Affirmation:  I’ve never heard a teenager say, “Please quit being so encouraging; I just can’t take any more of this!” Why? Because most teenagers are dying in a pile of insecurity and doubt, and hoping they measure up to the real and perceived expectations put on them by friends, family, teachers, coaches, youth pastors, and other influencers in their young lives. I’ve never heard a volunteer in my ministry say, “Kurt, I simply can’t handle another kind note or thank you card. Please quit pulling me aside and patting me on the back.” Why? Because most of them can’t get through a 20-minute small group study without four students passing gas, one student breaking down in tears, and two students getting in a fist fight. Sure, a little affirmation and encouragement goes a long way with volunteers…but a lot is even better!

Prayer: Martin Luther is famous for saying, “I have so much to do today that I’m going to need to spend three hours in prayer in order to be able to get it all done.” Sadly, I’m more likely to say, “I have so much to do today that I’m going to need to get right to work!” I suppose there might be such a thing as too much prayer, but I highly doubt any of us are in danger of finding out.  The short and simple truth is that the more we can surround ourselves, our families, our students, our ministry, and our community in prayer, the better!

This list could actually go on for quite a while. In fact the more I think about, it the more I realize that more and more things could use a lot more of my time and efforts. But that would take a lot more of my time to write and a lot more of your time to read.

So concerning the length of articles talking about more is more: less is more!


Amber Cassady

Amber Cassady

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Marketer for Simply Youth Ministry and Group Mission Trips. College-aged girls small group leader. Coffee lover. Fan of skiing and hiking as much as she can!

One response to More is More

  1. “Affirmation”
    I love to hear it.
    My mom loved to hear it.
    My pastor loves to receive it.
    Great Point… This is too often neglected at home.
    Thank you for a great (yet actually quite small) More is more.

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