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Influencers…..Who Are Also Trench Diggers?

 —  August 7, 2011 — 6 Comments

Posted By Kurt Johnston

By now, most of you who are regular blog readers have seen this years list of the top 20 youth ministry blogs as determined by Youth Specialties and their scientific(ish) formula.

Those blogs are written by some brilliant folks….many of whom are good friends of mine. But I noticed something while looking over the list: Less than a handful of them are written by folks who currently make their
living as a youth worker in a local church setting.

I think the world of youth ministry “voices of influence” needs to include some more men and women from the local church. obviously those on the blogging list love the local church, serve the local church, and have in most cases done some hard time within it…so they are all worthy of their place of influence. But, I want to also learn from people neck-deep in the same stuff I am neck-deep in; you know, the daily grind of local church youth ministry.

So, please share a name or two of somebody who is serving in the local church as it’s youth pastor who has a blog you read, a twitter account you follow, or otherwise influences and helps shape your youth ministry thinking.

If they are on the list of Top 20 bloggers, you don’t need to include them here. This isn’t a competition….I won’t list results in order…I simply want to add a few names into the bucket of people I learn from, and you might, too.

I will add the first name to the list: Jeremy McCarter, the youth pastor at Lifechurch.tv. He’s sharp, humble, and doing good stuff.

Kurt Johnston

Kurt Johnston


Kurt Johnston leads the student ministries team at Saddleback Church in Southern California. His ministry of choice, however, is junior high, where he spends approximately 83.4% of his time.

6 responses to Influencers…..Who Are Also Trench Diggers?

  1. I love this thought, Kurt! I find that lots of folks who “could” be blogging are so dialed into the Daily Stuff that it leaves little time! Here are a couple first thoughts though…

    Pete Sutton – Middle School Pastor in IL – http://www.petesutton.blogspot.com/

    Alan Mercer – Middle School Pastor in KS – @alanmercer3

    Joe Schmaltz – Middle School Pastor in CA – @schmaltzey

    Brandon Phillips – Shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds – @DatDudeBP (wait – I don’t think he does youth ministry…)

  2. Todd Perkins – Middle School Pastor & Multisite Student Ministry Director in Orlando FL – @ToddPerkins

    Just a Youth Pastor – Not sure where he is from or affiliated with. The beauty of that is that he can say things that couldn’t be said if we knew. – @justauthpastor

  3. Kurt, this is what i love about you, you say what many are thinking. I love many of the blogs on the list, but I do miss people in the local church context and the voice they “could” have. Scott references the fact that I joined the twitter community recently and I also restarted my blog (http://alanmercer.blogspot.com/). I did this because I want more middle school/junior high people to share their insights so we can all learn from one another.

    Because I’m new to this thing, I don’t have much to add, but I also follow

    Johnny Scott – CIY; Junior high Believe in Joplin, MO – @johnnyout – http://johnnyscott.blogspot.com

  4. Twitter person I follow: justauthpastor

  5. Thanks for doing this Kurt! I always like to hear from people who are in the trenches too. There are some great people on here that I have added to my twitter and google reader account.

    I follow Tom Shefchunas – Multi-Campus Director of Middle School at North Point Community Church – @Coachshef

  6. Love this Kurt!
    youthworktalk.com – @mrphilbell – sharp (he’d say brilliant, because he’s British) guy who gets the deepest parts of youth ministry
    danettematty.com – an amazing lady who has insight from both the paid & volunteer sides of youth ministry
    juniorhighministry.com – don’t know who this guy is, but he’s got his stuff together. :)

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