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7th Grade Girls

 —  January 10, 2013 — 1 Comment


I’m sitting in Starbucks thinking about my small group. On Wednesday nights I lead a small group of 14 7th grade girls. Let me rephrase that, I lead a group of 14 sweet, crazy, loud, don’t want to do anything serious whatsoever 7th grade girls. They are wonderful. As I sit here reflecting on our time last night, I find myself giggling out loud just thinking about some of the things they say and do. I thought I would share them.

-       They like to scream. And hug.

–       They love any excuse to wear pajama bottoms outside their house.

-       Makena texts ahead of time to let us know what she is wearing to group.

-       Sugar is the enemy. We don’t show them any sugar until they are leaving.

-       Julia brings a stuffed snake named Frank that answers questions during bible study.

-       Did I mention they like to scream?

-       Half of my group looks 10 and the other half looks 18. However, everyone acts 13.

-       The big things and the little things really matter to them. When they walk in the door, they each have 18 very important things to tell me.

-       When we start our bible study time there is a constant hum in the room. They literally cannot all be quiet and paying attention at the same time.

-       I write down a lot of prayer requests regarding sick dogs, tests at school, and friends of friends.

-       Even though they are all teenagers, they are still such little girls in so many ways.

I love these girls. We have not gotten to the point in our small group where tons of deep stimulating conversation about Jesus is happening yet. But I know the time we are spending together and the relationships being formed are eventually going lead us toward something amazing.

My girls modeling the Armor of God

My girls modeling the Armor of God

Katie Edwards

Katie Edwards


Katie Edwards has been in junior high ministry since 1996, and currently leads the junior high ministry at Saddleback Church (Kurt just sort of drops in whenever he feels like it!). Katie's "sweet spot" is developing leaders to make a difference in the lives of young teens. She's a gifted teacher and leader who also likes to write silly jingles.

One response to 7th Grade Girls

  1. Hey Katie, I am sure you know this, you’ve probably mentored this age before. It does come…the deep conversations that is. My current small group was once a group of 5 – 6th grade girls. They are all now sophomores…and it has come. Holding each other during boyfriend breaks, going to grandparent’s funerals and prayer requests for relationships with broken parents. Keep investing…it is going to be so worth it!

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