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Youth Worker ADD

 —  July 17, 2012 — Leave a comment

Really enjoyed Matt McGill’s post on youth worker ADD and thought it might resonate with some of you like it did with me. Head there for his full analysis, here’s a clip to get you started thinking about how God wired you and how you work:

Don’t feel guilty. You can’t fight the way you are designed. Impulsive actions have huge benefit to the community. First: you’re faster than most people. Faster to help, to have fun, to shake things up, etc.. Secondly, impulsive enthusiasm is infectious. Finally, you often make a ton of mistakes, and people get to laugh at you. Nothing creates community like laughter. If you don’t like being laughed at, get over yourself.

Don’t feel better than others. I’ve known some impulsive people to say they are more led by the Spirit, because they act quickly. The logic is so poor in this statement I’m not even going to engage it. If you feel like this, I feel sorry for you. If you want to have a discuss this, hit me up on Facebook. (see, I really do have a little compassion)

Head there for the rest!


Josh Griffin


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