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Our words matter. I think sometimes I forget how powerful my words can be…not just in the negative way but also in positive ways. Our words of affirmation bring life and power to those around us. (Just as our words can take life and power from those around us!)

Who needs our words:

Our girls: I can guarantee that everyday a girl feels unsure and insecure. Our words can counter those feelings. They don’t need to be presented in a long winded way or in a creative matter…just as long as they are said. Take a minute and send an email or facebook message to a girl in your life telling her how she matters to you, God and the world.

Our leaders: You don’t ever grow out of the need for affirmation. Many of our leaders serve because they love Jesus and your church…not because of a “calling” to youth ministry. Their service is a gift to us and to our ministries. I am reminded that sometimes leaders feel insecure and that they doubt their role in ministry. Our words can communicate their value to us and to our ministries. Is their a leader in your life that needs to hear how much you appreciate them?? Send them a text or call them…let them know!

Our parents: I am not a parent of a teenager but let me tell you how I feel when someone compliments my kiddos…I feel a sense of reward and reassurance. Parenthood is hard work…parenting teenagers can be especially hard. A word of affirmation can be like a breath of fresh air in a hard season of parenting. Think of student that encourages or inspires you…now let their parent know what amazing kid they have and how much you appreciate their family. (This one will probably bless you too!)

Don’t be slow with words that can bring life to others. Be a person who encourages and challenges others by affirming the good in others!

Who else needs our words?


Neely McQueen


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