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When You Start to Think This, You Are in Trouble

 —  December 21, 2012 — 3 Comments

Here are some warning signs about your heart, your ministry, your life – when you start to think this, you are in trouble:

  • My church is lucky to have me
  • I’m going to leave this church as soon as I can
  • My senior pastor is an idiot
  • No one will care about this receipt
  • If I was in charge I would never do it that way
  • This little sin isn’t a big deal
  • I wish I had what that megachurch down the road has
  • I don’t need to be in a small group myself
  • I wonder if they need help … oh well, they’ll figure it out
  • That church must be shallow since they are growing
  • Hmmm … red flag with that volunteer, but I’m not going to say anything
  • This is just a tough week, or a tough season, or a rough quarter
  • I just don’t have time for my own personal spiritual growth
  • Volunteers aren’t worth the trouble
  • I’ll just copy what every other church is doing
  • Sermon prep counts as a walk with Jesus, right?
  • Camp will just have to count as a vacation this year
  • I kinda like this little silo I’m in
  • Our church website makes it look SO much better than it actually is
  • I have to sacrifice my marriage for the kingdom
  • I might as just well do it, I will in the end anyhow
  • This kind of seems like a legitimate expense
  • No wonder the last youth pastor left in less than a year
  • If I only made 10K more
  • I don’t need relationships with the rest of the staff
  • 65 hours is a good typical week
  • I think I can justify this to the finance committee
  • Our church values the youth ministry right above the cleaning crew



Josh Griffin


3 responses to When You Start to Think This, You Are in Trouble

  1. Great thoughts, Josh. I am sad to say that there are several things I see in this post that I have dealt with. I guess that our thought lives are always going to be a battle ground for personal growth and discipline. Very challenging.

  2. The question is tho, what happens when you say most of these?

  3. Maybe I should start worshiping at a different church.
    The administrators don’t understand what real ministry is.
    They hired me to do ministry, not manage budgets.
    That’s not my job.

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