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What the Teen Choice awards say about teens?

Neely McQueen —  May 23, 2012 — Leave a comment

 The Teen Choice Awards always seem to be a quick window into what students are watching and listening to and I am firm believer that we should be aware. You can see the complete list of the 2012 nominees here.

As I glance over the list I am surprised to see a significant amount of the list be very ADULT. Let me explain, besides the movie choices, I would say a majority of the favorites were not only student favorites but adult favorites. For example, in the drama movie category, We Bought A Zoo…which was a great movie but I am certain the target audience was adults. Or   in drama television category, Revenge…which is an adult nighttime soap opera.

So, what does this mean?

I think this means one thing:

Students are talking about and being exposed to more adult themes and topics on a daily basis. While they may not be mature enough yet to understand the themes…they are being exposed to them. We are naive to think that they aren’t taking in messages and making them personal despite the fact they may not even be the target for the message.

Think about your girls- how many watch The Bachelor? Or how many listen to Rihanna? I am not making a statement about either of them but rather about their content. It’s mature adult content but I would guess that a good amount of them are watching and listening to them.

So, what are we doing?

Hopefully, we’re talking about the themes that they are watching and listening to…the messages about their appearance, relationships, sex and about God’s best for them. I believe the best we can do is through relationships communicate a better way. A better way that includes God’s plans and purposes for them. A way that is BIGGER and so much BETTER than the ways of the world.

Our girls are world changers! Don’t let them miss that because they get caught up in the world’s lies.

What do you think?


Neely McQueen


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