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What our girls can learn from HER

 —  November 26, 2012 — Leave a comment

This is an inspiring girl.


Read this article about her and watch a few other videos.

There are so many things that the girls in our lives can learn from her (we can probably learn a few things too)!

She faced adversity. She was a voice for others including herself. She valued education for herself and for others. She didn’t back down despite threats. She thought of the future and made decisions based for it not based on the current moment.

While I spend a portion of this blog writing about how hard it is for the girls in our ministries…and it is…the world can be cruel. But everyday our girls go to school without thought. Our girls get to speak up for themselves. I think our girls take this privilege for granted. Which unfortunately makes it easier to buy the shallow lies that the world sells them.

If our girls could begin to think of their minds as a gift from God and if they could see education as a tool for their futures…I think we could raise more world changers up in our ministries.

So, what would happen if we shared this young girls stories with them? I don’t know but I am about to find out…and I’ll let you know how it goes!

Can you think of another girl who could inspire the girls in our lives?

Neely McQueen


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