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What in the World?

 —  April 17, 2012 — 2 Comments

I pride myself on being in the know of culture. I like pop culture and what is happening in the world.

So imagine my surprise when I kept seeing this picture(below) and the words One Direction…and I had no idea what or who they were?

And than the other day…I had to google some slang that I kept seeing everywhere on Facebook. What is happening to me?

And wait…Kanye and Kim are dating?

It’s impossible to really keep up with culture because it is changing so fast.

But it’s not impossible to keep up with your students. Checking in with them and asking important questions is not impossible with a little effort. At Overlake, we encourage our leaders to Connect 4. Connect with students in 4 different ways throughout the month…Facebook, texting, a phone call, or old fashion letter in the mail…or by simply going into their world. Technology is a great tool for staying connected. Connection communicates care. When a student knows you care…they are willing to hear what you have to say about them and about Jesus.

Connect this week with a student that you haven’t seen or heard from in awhile- find out what’s changing in their world! What are other ways you stay connected?

Also, who is One Direction? And should I be listening to them?

Neely McQueen


2 responses to What in the World?

  1. Hey Neely,
    One Direction is a recently released boy British boy band. They tried out together for The X Factor and got 3rd. Simon Cowell signed them to his record label. Boy bands are beginning a come back. I’ve checked out their music (and another groups who I can’t remember right now) and it content wise seems better (less sexually driven) than a lot of other popular music (especially with artists like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Nikki Minaj).

    If you want to stay up on the trends with your youth group girls I’d suggest giving them a listen and deciding for yourself what you think.

  2. My baby boy was in a tribute video a few weeks ago, doing a spoof of a One Direction music video. It got over a million hits on YouTube in a week and two of the guys in the band tweeted it to their followers.

    The fan base is really insane . . . but for the most part, the songs are tame but catchy. Worth a listen.

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