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What If Our Tweets Were Real?

 —  January 21, 2013 — 6 Comments


I love Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I usually find myself on each one of them at some point nearly every day. There’s something great about reading about our friend’s lives 1000’s of miles away or chucking at someone’s pithy observation about life. But what if our Tweets were real?

  • My senior pastor is a jerk sometimes. I want to punch him in the face
  • I’ve been married 10 years, and still don’t have sex figured out
  • I’m pretty sure my whole youth group is filled with “that one kid”
  • The last time I read the Bible was in late 2012
  • I want to quit I want to quit I want to quit
  • Things aren’t good deep inside me, but the outside is as shiny as ever
  • If I could figure out where to dispose the body, I’d take out that parent

Don’t Tweet these! We need to continue to post those stunning sunsets, epic CS Lewis quotes and pictures of our no foam latte. I would die if my real life made it was genuinely Tweeted for the world to see, or pictures of my inner world made it online. But you need to be sharing it somewhere.

You need to have someone who knows the real you, not the brand, image or “always on” youth worker. You need to be able to confess, share, process and pray through the stuff you would never Tweet.

Simple question to kick off the week: is someone reading your real Tweets?


Josh Griffin


6 responses to What If Our Tweets Were Real?

  1. Very good stuff, Josh!


  2. I very much doubt you’d “die” if your “real life” was tweeted out, unless you’re talking about dying to Self?

    Or perhaps this post is meant ironically? I’ve re-read it a bunch of times and not quite getting your point.

    Are you suggesting 1) don’t tweet what’s going on and save it for IRL interactions; OR 2) tweet what’s really going on for you.

    In either case, as someone with long-time involvement with church communications ministry and church social media, I say it’s possible and important to do both: tweet the “real” with wisdom and discretion as well as be the “real” with those in your daily face-to-face life.

  3. I was in an all day meeting with the other pastors a few years ago, bored out of my mind so I updated my Facebook status:

    Perception, I am fully engaged in this meeting and typing notes. Reality, I’m playing on Facebook.

    About two minutes later I got a text from my wife saying something to the effect of, ‘you’re an idiot. The exec pastor is Facebook friends with you!’

    I deleted that sucker pronto.

  4. It’s refreshing to see such honesty. Call me if you want to talk through the sex thing. Happy to give you some advice.

  5. @Brandon thanks so much! hahahaha

  6. @Meredith I’m simply suggesting that although we would never Tweet the “real us”we need to make sure the “real us” is being exposed in authentic loving Christian community. JG

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