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What Does More Than Dodgeball Mean?

 —  May 16, 2008 — 5 Comments

I took out a potential summer intern out for lunch today and he asked a great question – it was great for a couple of reasons, 1) because it was about my blog (which he reads regularly – Hi Kyle, if you’re reading), and 2) because it shows he’s digging into what youth ministry really means.

So what does the name “More Than Dodgeball” mean?

More Than Dodgeball is simply a way of expressing our heart’s desire to see youth ministry as more than entertainment, glorified babysitting or church “lite.”More Than Dodgeball reminds me daily of my calling to serve God by serving students – reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, connected in a small group with a caring adult, growing in their faith on their own and serving God in the church and with their lives.

I love dodgeball, we even played a version of it a few weeks ago, but I see it as a symbol of student ministry past where purposeless activity and busyness was the measure of success. Student ministry should be judged about changed lives and hearts being drawn closer to Jesus Christ, which is what we want to be all about.

More. Than. Dodgeball.


Josh Griffin


5 responses to What Does More Than Dodgeball Mean?

  1. but at one level you can use the game dodgeball as a teaching illustration that life is about dodging the difficulty while picking up and embracing the kernels of truth.

    by the way we played toilet paper dodgeball last week and it was a hit. wow! maybe we should start a dodgeball church high school league for southern orange county.

  2. Well said JG!!

  3. Kyle Cleveland May 16, 2008 at 11:30 pm

    Of course I’m reading… and thanks for the full explanation! :)

    I love the measurement of student ministry by changed lives. I’m daily praying for hundreds (maybe thousands) of changed lives this summer as God takes the opportunities we have and uses them to impact students.

    More Than Dodgeball!

  4. I agree!!! I have been in Youth Ministry for 8 years now and when I first started it was about how busy we were and how many kids were there, but now it has changed to where my kids are in their relationship with Christ. The games are fun and necessary but not the over all goal now. The goal is a life that is changed and is continuing to change in so that students can impact their world. Always remember that “they dont care how much you know, until they know how much you care”. Pray that this summer will be the summer that young people all over take the step in their faith that they have never taken before.


  5. That is what we as youth workers need to be about! Sadly, what’s more important often gets lost in all of the fun and controlled chaos. What a great reminder for all of us in ministry! Thanks JG!

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