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What do you think?

 —  April 8, 2013 — 2 Comments

I love students sharing their stories during our services. To my it is one of the highlights of ministry.

Sometimes I wonder…

Am I using their story in unhealthy way?

Should I be incorporating their parents more in the process?

How many details should they include? What’s too much?

How do I make sure their story isn’t a “how to” guide for other students?

Here’s where I would love your thoughts- what do you think? How do you prep a student to share their story? Do you have a process in place? Do you use any tools?

Do you use the 2nd Greatest Story Ever Told? Should I?

testimony tool


Help a sister out!


Neely McQueen


2 responses to What do you think?

  1. One guideline that I have used- if it isn’t something their parents already know or something they want their parents to know, they shouldn’t share it in a large group setting since it is likely their parents will find out, and the parents could feel left out or blindsided.

    On a similar note, I met a wonderful 19-year-old woman on a plane in Dec. 2011. We got to talking and realized we were both Christians, and she shared her testimony with me. The thing that still sticks out most to me about her story was that before she ever shared her testimony with a group, she went to her dad to confess some things she had done and to ask his forgiveness. That confession and forgiveness were a huge part of her testimony. I am not saying that is a part of every teens’ testimony, but it definitely gave me something to think about.

  2. We use a tool (small booklet) called “You, Jesus, & Your Friends”. It helps students think through their own story and even entertain the thought of being ready to share it. From where they were born, their family background, and any details they can share about before, when, and since meeting Jesus and allowing Him into their lives. We then try and regularly integrate student stories into worship gatherings.

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