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 —  November 5, 2012 — 1 Comment

Well, in ministry not all days are amazing. If I am honest, some days suck.

Last week was rough for me. It left me a few times wondering what am I doing? Do I belong here? Is this really where God can use me best?

I am guessing you have felt this too. I am certain I am not alone.

One night as I sat home processing all that I was feeling…I was struck by the the stories. In youth ministry, there are rough, hopeless and sad stories. And it can be overwhelming and discouraging.

But they are stories of people. People…who at the heart of it… are people that I love…deeply.

It is because I love them that it hurts.

It is because I care deeply that it feels like crap sometimes.

I recently heard Eugene Cho say- “Without relationships people become a project.”

I don’t want working with students to be a project. I want it to be about people who I love because we have a relationship.

Relationships require risk…and risk can be painful.

But risks can be beautiful and glorious.

There is a girl in our ministry whose story rocks me every time I think about it. A relationship with her will be filled with pain and discouragement. But a relationship that points her to Jesus and walks with her in the darkness… that is her life…is beautiful and glorious.

So, on this Sunday night as I get ready for another week of doing what I believe to be the greatest job ever…working with teenagers…I take a breath and let go of last week. And choose to love deeply even when it hurts.

You’re not alone. I am not alone.

Praying for our week of serving students!

Neely McQueen


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  1. Thanks for the encouragement. I really needed that today.

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